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What are the risks for old Humboldt County farms? New Documentary Series Highlights Farmers

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In the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County, California, artisanal cannabis cultivation goes back generations. This community of farmers and their families has suffered from the war on drugs, creating some of the best buds available even during Prohibition. They have been getting their hands dirty every growing season and have built lasting bonds with plants that allow them to carefully extract the best from their crops, whether they are taking their chances with a new strain or revisiting an old favorite.

The Emerald Triangle is still one of the finest cannabis regions in the world, as is the Tuscany wine region.

Today, a new generation of farmers, some following in their families’ footsteps, is keeping this legacy alive. The Emerald Triangle is still one of the finest cannabis regions in the world, as is the Tuscany wine region. It is an excellent herb that can only come from careful and practical cultivation, rich in terpenes and hemp with unparalleled tastes, aromas and effects. Each harvest is a new experience.

But as more large, project-supported farms move in, Emerald Triangle farmers are at great risk.

Why is the cannabis industry in Northern California facing potential ruin?

Team in Boveda Understands the issues facing these farmers. Initially, farmers turned to Boveda for bi-directional moisture control solutions to protect the complex terpene profiles of synthetic hemp. As the relationship deepened, Boveda heard of the difficulties the partner farms were facing and wanted to help raise the flag.

The Legacy Southern Humboldt County documentary series shares the inspiring stories of rooted farmers and offers some stunning views of cannabis in its natural environment. The people behind Moon Made Farms, Huckleberry Hill Farms, Canna Country Farms and Ridgeline Farms have invited the Boveda team into their homes, giving them a glimpse into the complex culture that goes back generations.

Learn more about them and the fight to preserve a place for California’s famous old craft farmers in these four mini documentaries. Later this summer, a full-length feature is set to launch.

Episode 1: Tuning with Moon Made Farms

In 2007, seeking an escape from density and urban life, Tina Gordon moved to Humboldt County – and fate took her to the lawn. She developed a 40-acre estate that was formerly owned by a close friend at Moon Made Farms, known for its regenerative practices, lunar cultivation, and quality cannabis.

Owning a small hand nurtured cannabis farm allows them to operate with intent.

“What characterizes what we do is the level of intimacy in our approach,” she says. “One of the golden rules we have here is to watch every plant every day, and another is to be in tune with all of your senses.”

“So actually, with hands-on training, eyes, and being in the same space as the plant, I think that contributes a lot if not more than anything else.”

Tina cares about the soil, water, and air that come into contact with her growing plants. After harvest, you protect the final product equally with Boveda Terpene Shield. Boveda Tina helps maintain the full terpe experience, which takes people who enjoy cannabis to the special place where it was grown.

Episode 2: Third Generation Cultivation in Kana Rural Farms

Ted Blair grew up in the Emerald Triangle in the early ’80s, when area farms had to work in obscurity — no small feat with acres of pungent crops. Growing up in the open as it does with Canna Country Farms stands in stark contrast.

With the Emerald Triangle operating underground for decades, getting a license was a huge emotional decision for Ted — but it’s worth seeing his children continue the family tradition.

“We go up, we don’t lie down,” says Ted. “They’re going to have to get this off our cold, dead hands because it’s a legacy.”

Ted prides himself on going against the trend, cultivating a strain for every taste rather than focusing on the hot strain of the day — and that includes his genetics. The award-winning Canna Country #26 was a cult favorite, with an ocimene-forward terpene profile unlike anything else on the market today. Boveda Terpene Shield helps bring out the best in him. The flower took second place in the prestigious Emerald Cup category, despite containing only 18% of THC. This shows that the strong terpene profile is just as impressive as the cannabis content, despite what current market trends suggest.

Episode 3: A hard-earned legacy at Huckleberry Hill Farms

Johnny Casale is a second generation Emerald Triangle farmer who remembers the early days of the war on drugs well. With surveillance helicopters as a permanent presence, it has grown Plants on platforms in trees to avoid detection. The War on Drugs also sent him to federal prison for eight years for plant cultivation. But when he returned, his community welcomed him again with open arms.

Now, Johnny remains active in the community and operates Emerald Cup-winning Huckleberry Hill Farms. He carries the legacy of his mother, who was considered one of the best farmers in Humboldt County. To this day, the descendants of a breed planted by his mother grow. In her honor, Johnny created a popular breed called Mom’s Weed.

“What sets our product apart from Big Ag products is that we don’t just pour things from a jug into the tank,” says Johnny. “TLC does not come in a jug.”

Johnny uses Boveda Terpene Shield to make sure changes in temperature and humidity don’t remove all the hard work and passion he puts into his flowers before they reach the consumer’s hands.

Episode 4: Ridgeline Farms

Jason Gilman, like Johnny and Ted, grew up in the growing Emerald Triangle community.

Growing up at the height of the war on drugs, Jason witnessed the horrors of Prohibition firsthand. Now, in the age of rationing, he struggles to keep Humboldt on the map while society struggles to survive.

Legacy of the original cannabis

Tina, Ted, Johnny, and Jason run independent farms, but they are all part of the same community, a community created by survival, hard work, and a love of plant. For decades, this community has put itself at great risk to produce some of the best cannabis in the world.

But with the industrialization of cannabis, small farms like the one in the Emerald Triangle could be gone forever.

Hear the stories, knowledge, and struggles of these farmers in a feature-length documentary, showing these four farmers and others working to save this way of life.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary now.

About Terpene Shield Boveda

Save Terps! The Original Terpene Shield is a two-way moisture control package specifically designed to keep the lawn in its best shape, protecting the terpenes while preventing the buds from drying out or rotting. This patented technology allows either the emission or absorption of purified water vapor to maintain the relative humidity balance within a closed container. A thin layer of water molecules forms around the tricolor of the cannabis flower, protecting it from the air.

Not only does this protect the uniquely rich terpenes from the Emerald Triangle bud, but it also helps take some of the guesswork out of the producers’ processing process. Boveda is available in multiple sizes to protect every stash size – from single joints to giant bins – and two RH options at 58%RH and 62%RH.

Follow Boveda’s documentaries with the Legacy Southern Humboldt County series and find moisture control solutions for cannabis on the Boveda website.

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