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Nepal, former cannabis haven, could end ban after 50 years

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Home of the Legendary Nepalese royal temple weed balls and other exotic delicacies, Nepal could soon return to its former glory, with new legislation to legalize cannabis and new intentions. The cannabis advocate group in Nepal now includes not only people with HIV and other conditions You want cannabis, but need to He. She.

Senior Nepalese officials have indicated that legislation is underway to repeal Nepal’s ban on cannabis.

Nepal’s Health Minister Pirud Khatiwada “It is not justified for a poor country like ours to treat cannabis as medicine” Tell Agence France-Presse (AFP) on April 29. “Our people are being punished…and our corruption is increasing because of smuggling and we are following the decisions of the developed countries, which are now doing what they like.”

This is not the only reason for cannabis reform in Nepal. Just like any other country, an increasing number of cannabis advocates are arguing for its healing properties above all else.

“It’s medicine” She said Cannabis activist Rajiv Kavli, who is HIV-positive, uses cannabis for medical reasons. HIV can lead to wasting syndrome, which is loss of appetite. One of the most notable side effects of cannabis is its munchies, being a powerful appetite stimulant.

“A lot of patients use it, but they are forced to do it illegally,” Kavli said. “They can be arrested at any time.” The News agency mentioned On October 11, 2021, activists submitted a bill to Parliament, seeking to once again legalize the cultivation, use and export of cannabis, as more countries allow it to be used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Kavli was among the leading advocates of cannabis reform drumming in Nepal. It’s a reminder of how HIV was a driving force for the first statewide medical cannabis laws in the United States, too.

Lawn Haven in Kathmandu

In the 1960s and even today, many accounts show how the most voracious hippies made their way to Kathmandu, Nepal to purchase the world’s most powerful hash. Hash can be easily found from government authorized stores on “Freak Street”. Most people who have tried temple balls say they “never forgot” the experience. But due to increasing pressure from the United States and other countries, Nepal closed its cannabis dealers in 1973.

former High Times News editor Bill Weinberg has spoken about the city extensively, explaining that even after the 1973 ban, The cannabis trade has been booming for some time. But in 2018, a Nepalese temple crackdown disrupted the cannabis trade.

According to the local press, backpackers from the West still travel to Nepal to buy cannabis in back alleys – while the state does not get a piece of it in the form of taxes, etc. To make matters worse, smuggling and corruption are reported to be a big problem in the region.

In December 2020, Nepal backed a successful campaign when the United Nations reclassified cannabis from its list of the world’s most harmful drugs.

Moreover, there is hardly any way to separate cannabis from religion in the region. The use of cannabis in Hindu temples is common. For example, Shiva, the destroyer of evil, is often depicted with smoking goose bumps. That’s why you’ll see temples like the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu offering ceremonies with holy men and devotees filling their bodies with Shiva’s ‘gift’.

But it is the same temple complex that was raided in 2018 when 280 people have been arrested and 115 criminal charges have been brought.. There is a clear separation between religion and law.

It is said that the Nepalese royal temple cannabis balls produce an unspeakable taste and strength that people in the West cannot match. Ed Rosenthal called it the Holy Grail of concentrates.

Thousands of pilgrims gather at Nepalese temples for Hindu festival Shivaratri Every year, hemp is a sacred sacrament.

With the new movement in legislation to end the ban on cannabis in Nepal, it is a unique place in the world where religion meets cannabis.

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