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VCBC meets Health Canada

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4:28 PM on Apr 20, 2022, The Victoria cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) received an ominous email; Health Canada He was looking forward to a meeting. Not only that, but they said it would take at least forty-five minutes and they wanted to talk in a week. On Wednesday, April 27, 2021, VCBC met with Health Canada. It has been a history of making cannabis in Canada. Here’s what happened.

Why does VCBC meet with Health Canada?

At the end of 2020, the VCBC formally applied for an exemption from the Cannabis Act. Until last week, the club had heard no response.

For VCBC, the meeting with Health Canada meant an opportunity to plead their case. Given the club’s current standing with the regional community integrity unit, legal integration has never been more important. Earlier this year, the club received regional fines totaling more than $6 million. Health Canada and the regional CSU are completely separate government offices, however, support from one may affect the other.

Read more about the raids here.

Photo by Matt Love – Ted Smith for VCBC during one of her recent raids

Why should VCBC be granted the waiver?

Patients’ needs cannot be met under the current licensing system. Medical patients are expected to register with a single licensed product or go to a retail store, which leaves them without affordable access to:

  • high dose eater Diversity – which is critical when dealing with nutritional situations
  • Cannabis suppositories
  • High-dose cannabis products

Despite the risks, there are a few organizations in Canada that still provide these products. VCBC is one of another.

Meeting with Health Canada

Last Wednesday, VCBC met with Health Canada. While they did not receive the official seal of approval for the exemption, the meeting was positive. VCBC Director Jack Keitel He wrote about the meeting on the VCBC Blog: The aim of the meeting was to ask some clarifying questions to our application and to ask us what we want the exemption to look like in the end.

Click here to read the VCBC blog post.

What now?

What does the future hold for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club? The only sure thing so far is that there will be more meetings with Health Canada. In the meantime, despite the risks, the club will continue its operations.

Jack Kittel explained the club’s position:

At the end of the meeting, Ted made it clear that we very much want to abide by the law medical cannabis systems. We continue to operate outside the legal system because we will not sacrifice the welfare of our patients. It is our strong desire to work with the government to develop a distribution model that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Ted made it clear that if we can’t develop a course of action with Health Canada, and if they reject our request for exemption, we will have to take the judicial path of taking the government to court again.

club position

Jack Kittel – Photography by Matt Love

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