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SC House to adjust voting lines in 5 counties to settle suit

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Staff Reports | The SC House of Representatives is set to Modify county lines in five counties To settle the allegations, its newly drawn electoral maps were unfair to black voters. The agreement is part of a settlement announced by the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday.

The settlement approved by the House would change voting lines in parts of Dillon, Horey, Kershaw, Orangeburg and Richland counties.

“Today is a victory for the black community in South Carolina,” Brenda Murphy said, chair of the SC State Conference of the NAACP. “Today marks a historic occasion: our political leadership has listened to our grievances and is working to create a more equitable political landscape.”

Mark Moore, the House special counsel on the case, said the settlement, which must be approved Thursday, ends costly litigation, according to published reports.

“It is certain that our voting process is one of the greatest virtues we have in South Carolina – and confidence in this process is of critical importance to our people,” he said in a statement from the office of Speaker Jay Lucas. more: the state.

In other recent news:

SC Statehouse allows two health reform bills to fail. Legislation that would have reformed health care regulation in South Carolina appears to have died this year after the SC House House committee rejected Senate versions of the bills. One bill would have split the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control into two agencies while the other would have repealed the Certification of Need Act regulating what hospitals and doctors could build and buy in South Carolina. I mentioned another port The future of DHEC was unclear.

SC House is killing the medical marijuana bill. SC House Speaker Pro Tem Tommy Pope, R-Rock Hill, this week knocked down a medical marijuana bill by SC Senator Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, by charging a 6% fee on medical marijuana sales, leading to the imposition of new tax. This power is only permitted under the state constitution by a bill arising in the House of Representatives. The bill originated in the state Senate, where Davis struggled to pass the Compassionate Care Bill for seven years.

The Senate of the Supreme Committee passes a bill establishing the registration of sex offenders in the Supreme Committee. The Senate unanimously passed a bill to reform the state’s sex offender registry. The SC High Court deemed the record unconstitutional last June due in part to the record’s status for life for sex offenders.

SC Senate approves transgender sports ban bill. The Senate on Wednesday approved by a vote of 30-10 a bill that would ban transgender students from playing girls’ or women’s sports in public schools and colleges. The approval sends the bill back to the House of Representatives to review the changes.

UofSC turnaround in the SC Senate has stopped. A bill to reduce the University of South Carolina’s Board of Trustees from 20 voting members to 15 has stalled in the SC Senate. Concerns about small towns losing representation on the university’s board of directors may derail efforts to pass the bill.

Lawmakers are calling for the Supreme Committee to Ban Books in Libraries. South Carolina public library leaders are battling a state assembly budget proposal that would ban sex-related books from children’s departments, calling them censorship that threatens what they call “the freedom to read.” The proposal, made by a vocal minority of senators, calls for cutting aid to libraries that allow children to access “raw materials.” Small libraries say they could be devastated if censorship passes. more: the stateAnd WLTX.

The Carolina Squat modification is akin to ban. SC House voted unanimously on Wednesday to ban vehicle modifications such as the “Carolina Squat,” a modification in which the front end of a truck or SUV is positioned higher than the rear end, from the roads. If the bill becomes law, vehicles will be prohibited from lifting four inches or more above the height of the rear bulkhead.

A change may come in how the Supreme Committee celebrates Confederate Memorial Day. South Carolina currently recognizes May 10th as Confederate Memorial Day, which means that state government offices are, for the most part, closed, but that could change.

Hill to pay a $12,000 fine for mishandling the campaign account. Representative Jonathon Hill, R. Anderson, decided to pay a $12,000 fine for mishandling his campaign account, the SC House Ethics Committee decided May 5 after reaching a settlement with a Townville Republican.

The average teacher salary in SC is dropping. Despite efforts to raise teacher salaries over the past few years, a new report shows that South Carolina has already seen a decline in average teacher salaries.

$61 million can be recovered for clients in the SC nuclear scandal. Nearly $61 million has been allocated to Dominion Energy South Carolina on the never-completed plants at the VC Summer Nuclear Plant near Columbia. Funds will be split based on energy use by residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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