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Cannabis YouTuber Chrissy Harless’s channel has been removed without explanation

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According to interview On April 5 with WeedTube co-founder Arend Richard Creating video content about cannabis is Chrissy Harless’s livelihood. “It [sole] Revenues. This is my job. HarlessMediaGroupLLC. It’s… the way my husband works with us now at home. “How can we spend more time with our children and have a happier life,” Harlis said. “[YouTube is] Able to promote gambling on advertisements, pharmaceuticals on advertisements and alcohol. Youtube [is] Able to accept money from its advertisers to promote it in ads. These are all regulated industries too, but isn’t a creator allowed to do the same? I don’t even find it. I don’t consume too much. I am very educational. “Harles The usual content It consists of unboxed reviews and videos of various cannabis related products.

With her channel deleted, Harls appreciates that not only her family will be affected, but also the many brands she’s worked with so often. “A small business. Almost every one of them is a small business. An Etsy store or a mom-and-pop attitude. It’s a diverse group of small businesses just trying to share something safe.” Harls believes the account termination may be due to the association with these companies and products, but has not received any official explanation from YouTube.

Ha Instagram The account was also banned recently, but after a month of actions, I was at least able to get back ownership of it. When asked why she keeps trying, she replies that it’s what she enjoys doing. “Because I have a passion for her, and I love him,” she explained. “It has benefited my life and helped me find happiness in my life. I know others will benefit from this. I know others will benefit from it.”

Harls mentioned that she is going for the operation WeedTube to go forward. “I hope a lot of people rely on WeedTube! for their views, for the content of their cannabis consumption in general,” Harlis said. “Because it really is the only safe platform you can share and not worry. And everyone there is still responsible for it. [YouTube] Clarifying this point shows that there is still a lot of stigma. Just as they assume that cannabis is dangerous. it’s not. [YouTube and Google] I don’t understand how safe this is [cannabis] he is.”

to me RichardIt is the perfect platform to find unlimited amount of cannabis video content. “What I can say for sure is that WeedTube will always be open to the cannabis community to freely publish their content,” Richard concluded. “We founded Deleted Creators, and for Deleted Creators. We have never stopped serving this purpose, and we look forward to creating more jobs for the cannabis community to combat all censored social media today.”

The trend of terminating a YouTube account for cannabis content began to rise four years ago in 2018. At the time, account owners reported receiving three violations before the account was officially deleted (although the time frame for officially deleting the account appeared to vary). In Harls’ case, she received absolutely no fines before the account was terminated (although she did mention the offense she received about two years ago).

WeedTube started a file Campaign To draw attention to the censorship of cannabis on Instagram in March, including a petition which asks Instagram leadership to “join a roundtable discussion with experts in the cannabis industry to update their policies and regulations around legal cannabis content to provide a fair and equal opportunity for our rapidly growing industry.”

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