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Automatic Flower Peeling – Should You Do It?

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Automatic flower peeling is different from photoperiod peeling cannabis plants In this spontaneous flow it does not deal with stress like light-lived plants.

However, this does not mean that mechanical flower leaf removal is not worth the effort.

like all plant types Training, there is simply a potential risk.

In this article, we cover the risks and benefits of spontaneous flower leaf removal.

Cannabis leaf fall

What is cannabis defoliation?

Defoliation is a practice similar to pruning.

It removes excess or unnecessary foliage from your plants, so it can absorb light efficiently and direct energy and Nutrients to important parts of the plant, such as cola.

And while it is true that removing leaves hurts your plant, it is temporary, and the stress created by it becomes beneficial to the plant.

Another similarity between defoliation and pruning is that many growers have been skeptical of this practice since then Cutting and removing leaves Of your cannabis plants seem counterintuitive.

Why is the plant producing unnecessary leaves that need pruning in the first place?

The answer to this is very simple.

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Plants produce more leaves to serve as Storage method Nutrients These nutrients and energy are efficiently transported to neighboring areas.

These areas are unnecessary increments because the buds around them are scattered and loose, which you may eventually shed during the harvesting process.

While there are farmers who still question the benefits of defoliation, there are farmers who use this practice Improve both yield and efficiency who grows.

Defoliation also results in healthier crops since unnecessary leaves such as old ones are removed yellowing leaves It allows existing leaves to get more sunlight and improves air flow around your plants.

Defoliation differs from pruning because it is a safer alternative because it is not aggressive or severe.

However, just like pruning, you can overdo your plants’ defoliation, stunt their growth, and remove potentially good shoots.

This is especially true for Autoflower. This is why it is essential to know how to remove automatic fan leaves and when to shed their leaves.

The danger of peeling self-flowing marijuana

Removing a lot of leaves is a risk if you do not know how to remove the leaves of autoflowers.

The plant needs Leaves for photosynthesis to produce energy. In addition, the leaves also serve as a way to store nutrients.

If you remove too much, you can hinder the growth of your cannabis plants because your plants will not have enough energy or nutrients.

There is also a risk of stress when removing autoflower leaves which could cause them to pop, a condition in which your plants begin to produce male flowers that will pollinate the buds of your plants.

A good way to prevent your plants from becoming hermaphrodite is by Choosing hemp seeds With stronger genes, weaker ones produce plants more prone to hermaphroditism.

Despite the risks that accompany this practice, there are benefits when you remove motorized propeller sheets.

By removing old fan leaves, your plants will have better air flow, which will reduce the potential for mold to appear on your plants.

Trimming excess foliage also helps Increased exposure to light on your bud sites.

Autoflower Marijuana Plants
Autoflower Marijuana Plants

How to smear dirt

The time to de-warm spontaneously is during vegetative stage Because self-flowering marijuana has a shorter growth cycle than photoperiod plants.

When it comes to standard cannabis peeling, you can do it during both vegetative and medium flowering stages.

When removing auto-jet leaves, start with the lower leaves first before moving to the top leaves.

It is also important to remove only a few at a time to avoid stressing your plants.

Remove large marijuana leaves
Remove large marijuana leaves

Remove the large leaves

You should start with the lower leaves first because the larger leaves are often found on the lower part of your plants.

These large leaves, or fan leaves as they are also known, will do start in yellow at some point.

Removing them helps your plants because old fan leaves will obscure and shade new leaves and bud locations.

Remove the shadows of marijuana leaves
Remove the shadows of marijuana leaves

Remove the leaves that cast shadows

Once you are satisfied with pruning the lower part of your plants, you can move to the top of the leaves.

You may want to remove the upper leaves to allow all of the leaves on your plant to get plenty of light and to avoid any of the upper leaves that cast shadows on the leaves and other sprout sites.

Remove old yellow marijuana leaves
Remove old yellow marijuana leaves

Remove old yellow leaves

Admittedly, you may want to remove the old yellow leaves because, at this point, they have exhausted all of their functions and are now just waiting to fall off.

Removing them will not get rid of any nutrients because the old yellow leaves do not contain any nutrients More nutrients plants to deal with.

tuck in marijuana leaves
tuck in marijuana leaves

Leaf trampling: an alternative to defoliation of autoflowers

Another way to position your buds to absorb light efficiently is to tuck the leaves. It is a safer alternative to shedding because it does not involve it Trim the leaves of your cannabis plant.

Instead, it’s a kind of low-pressure training where you rotate large fan leaves so that you don’t overwhelm the bud locations on your plant.

It’s a fairly simple plant training method that doesn’t require anything, but just to be safe, you can tie off the branches with training wire to avoid the fan leaves coming back in place.

The only drawback of this method is that tucking the leaves down leads to poor air circulation in your plants, which leads to mold.

However, this method is undoubtedly stress-free and perfect Automatic unloading strains.

Questions and answers about defoliate autoflowers

What does defoliation do to weed plants?

Defoliation helps by removing old yellow leaves that prevent new growth and bud sites from getting the sunlight they need. This pruning method also improves the airflow, efficiency, and productivity of your plants by removing unnecessary foliage that eats away the nutrients your main cola should be getting.

How often should weed leaves fall?

When it comes to self-discharging strains, you can only get rid of them once, and that is during the vegetative stage. This is because the spontaneous flow cycle is shorter. Since light-period plants have longer growth cycles, you can remove their leaves twice.

Is it permissible to remove the fan leaves during flowering?

Fan leaf removal results in defoliation, and it is generally not recommended to do so during the flowering stage. This is because the stress of pruning leaves during flowering has a greater chance of causing clumping of your plants than during their vegetative stage.

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