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Hemp Plastic Waste Recycling – Hemp News, Lifestyle

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Recycling cannabis plastic lose It does not necessarily happen. You might think you are recycling that waste plastic container by throwing it in the blue trash. But most hemp containers are low quality plastic waste. Odds are that this plastic will either end up in landfill or head outside where it is incinerated.

But one Edmonton man puts an end to it.

When covid lockdowns drove Cory Saban home from work, the father-of-three realized how much plastic his family had been through. He decided to do something about it and set up a recycling company out of his garage.

“I just started experimenting with single-use grocery bags in my garage with a pan on which to make pancakes and an iron with which to iron your clothes,” says Saban.

An introduction [Re] lose

While it was still in his garage, Saban entered into a contract with the city of Beaumont to recycle the city’s residential plastic waste. “It happened when some news stations like CBC, CTV, and Global picked up our story,” Saban says.

After some media attention, cannabis industry get involved.

Saban has partnered with two Canadians cannabis retailers. Nova Cannabis, parent company of Value Buds and High Tide, parent company of Canna Cabana. Both companies are the largest retailers in the country.

‘I’m pretty clear,’ says Saban. ‘I just said I’m still in my garage.’ Definitely considering launching a program.”

Months later, Saban was out of the garage and past Edmonton International Airport with his own facility and four full-time employees. “At first, it was like ‘there’s no way to get past a three-person team’, and soon that was over. And then with the space we had, we were like ‘We’ll never get past this, there’s no way’, and now we’re past it. this space.”

Hemp plastic waste recycling

[Re] Waste is working with cannabis retailers to develop customized solutions for their plastic waste. Saban will ask, “How can we repurpose plastic waste to make it useful in your industry or you can use in your business?” For cannabis retailers, answers range from shelves to display cases to consumption accessories. [Re] The waste is behind the “Canna Box”, a collection box made from 100% recycled cannabis packaging. By collecting unwanted cannabis containers, Saban hopes to keep plastic out of landfills.

One of the main problems, he says, is that many of the cannabis plastics are low-quality plastics. And the supply chain is ill-equipped for recycled plastics.

“If you look at the huge manufacturers that produce millions of units of plastic products, they need a very consistent plastic which is often virgin plastic pellets. Now, when you work with recycled pellets, it is a bit more complicated. There is no amount of consistency. Like virgin plastic. In the supply chain, it is difficult to deal with recycled plastics.”

Consumers want Recycling of hemp plastic waste

Most, if not all, cannabis consumers are alarmed by the amount of plastic waste that the legal industry has brought in. It is clear that consumers want a better solution. Recycling of hemp plastic waste is a major concern. “We’re starting to see how customers vote with their dollars,” Saban says.

“It’s interesting just being in the cannabis business… Consumers are very passionate about the environment, their voices are heard because it’s a new industry, and there’s a lot of them out there. So consumers really are the ones who go to the retailers to say, ‘I have a bag full of plastic waste that I know is just going to the landfill. I need you to help me. I want you to do something.” So it’s the retailers who are really starting to listen to customers. They just want to treat their plastic waste better than the current options.”

In the first year of legislationCanada cannabis industry It produced 6.4 million kilograms of plastic packaging waste.

Work with good intentions

Recycling hemp plastic waste doesn’t just help the environment. They give back to the community, too. Saban works with Goodwill by participating in Function Connection a program.

“We are working with Goodwill to provide employment opportunities for those of different abilities. We now have four great volunteers through the Job Connection Program. Specifically, what these volunteers do is remove the seals from all of the cannabis covers. It’s not like paper. It’s really there, We get them to remove the seals from the covers, and then we can take that and go straight to our processing. So they are very involved in the success of our cannabis program.”

[RE] Waste also works with the goodwill to reduce its plastic waste. [Re] The work is reusing plastics in building materials such as countertops and trim.

Find a canna container at your local cannabis store today!

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