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John Collins Muhammad resigns from the St. Louis House of Representatives

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Doyle Murphy

This is the third member of the Alderman Council to resign this year.

Alderman Council member John Collins Muhammad resigned from the St. Louis Council of Alderman Council today.

Collins Muhammad announced his departure by posting a letter of resignation via an email on social media that he sent to Chairman Louis Reed. He did not give a specific reason for his departure.

“It has been a lifetime honor to serve the people of St. Louis,” Collins Muhammad wrote. “I have made mistakes and I take full responsibility for those mistakes and I am eternally grateful to the residents of the 21st District for giving me this opportunity.”

Collins Muhammed is the third member of the Alderman Council to resign this year. Join Heather Navarro of the 28th Ward, who resigned in January to take up a job at the Midwest Climate Collaborative.

Aldruman Sarah Martin of the 11th Ward, a registered lobbyist, resigned last month after the passing of Prop R. The polling procedure enforced conflict-of-interest requirements and gave the green light to create a citizens’ commission to redraw district boundaries, a task that is usually under control. from BOA.

Collins Muhammed is one of the four A local council member filed a lawsuit To prevent the effect of Prop R.

“The coming weeks are going to be tough,” Collins Muhammed wrote in his email to Reed.

He continued, “I ask for the continuation of prayer for me and my family.” “I apologize to my family and my constituents for my shortcomings and mistakes.”

Collins Muhammad has represented Suite 21 in North St. Louis since 2017. The suite includes the neighborhoods of College Hill, Kingsway East, North Riverfront, Ovalon and Penrose.

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