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Read Before Burning: What If You Tried Cannabis and Didn’t Like the Effects?

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High levels of cannabis can be subtle and affect you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Let’s say you smoke marijuana – perhaps for the first time. What do you do if you don’t like it?

You may have tried it and weren’t high. If this is your first time using THC, this may be the case. It sometimes takes two or three attempts to get the human cannabinoid receptors on board and up and running to capacity.

Another reason not to feel the noise is that you may not even realize it’s happening. Some people expect it to be more like sugar or like some of the other medications they may be taking. The rise in marijuana can be subtle and affect you in ways you wouldn’t expect. For example, instead of getting boisterous and boisterous, you might be suddenly charmed by the texture of your clothes, or the taste of the best peaches you’ve ever eaten.
Another reason you may not feel high is that you have bad cannabis. This happens less often these days, but it’s a possibility. Or you may not have eaten or smoked enough. Wait a bit and see what develops. Do not rush to take more and more. For one thing, your height may be delayed, and the extra THC in your system will make you too high. If you’re still not high, you probably weren’t meant to be. Try again on another occasion.

If you become high and you don’t like the feeling, it may be because you don’t care about that feeling of being a little out of control, caught up in time. Other feelings could be anxiety or paranoia – which can be very dangerous. However, it is possible to deal with these feelings by using one or more of the following strategies:

1. Go to sleep. Chances are that when you wake up you won’t be high anymore, or at least not as high as you used to be. You may sleep for a long time, and this is normal. You may also have some strange dreams. But aren’t all dreams a little weird?

2. Relax and know that it will be over soon. The climax of smoked or smoked marijuana comes just minutes after ingestion, and it’s a slow incline from there. If you eat it the experience will last longer, maybe six hours or more, but in the end, it will go down nicely.

3. Get into the bathroom. Unless you are in a really strange place, everything there will be familiar to you and you may feel lonely. There will probably be a lot of cold white porcelain and you can rub your hands on it. Perhaps you can open a faucet and listen to the water. Just don’t be surprised if someone knocks on the door to ask why you’ve been there for so long.

If it’s your bathroom, a long, warm, and comfortable one might be just what you need. You probably won’t miss it and drown in the bathtub. And no matter how hard you like to think of the possibility, you can’t move the drain with water. (If there was a bidet there, consider you may have moved to France.)

4. Speaking of water, if you are near a lake, river, or stream, go and sit down and watch the water flow. Science tells us that watching and listening to water triggers an avalanche of neurochemicals that relax us. This is why we love the beach so much or find it to be very meditative to go fishing, even if we haven’t been caught fishing. If you become intrigued by this idea, check out the book The Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near Water, In Water Or Underwater Can Make You Happier, Healthier, Connected And Better At What You Do.

Water is a very powerful force and affects the human psyche in mysterious and usually good ways.

5. Listen to the music you love. As with water, music affects us with strength and depth. It improves your mood, relieves symptoms of depression, inspires and entertains you. While listening to music, you might try dancing. Being part of a group doing electric gliding can give you a sense of organic wholeness with the rest of humanity. If you don’t like music or dancing, you should probably leave marijuana alone.

6. Find your friend who gave you marijuana and tell them how you feel. You should probably all take a long walk together in the park. When you connect with nature, not only will your natural surroundings be soothing, but physical exertion will help move your body into a familiar rhythm and get you out of your head.

7. Eat something really good. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing. You will get the great taste of food and the luxury one gets from a full stomach. Warm, fresh baked goods are one of the most comforting things you can eat.

8. If you have a hobby like collecting stamps, building ships in bottles, or mixing music in your basement studio—something that gets you lost in the details for hours—do it. You may forget that you are high.

9. Sometimes you just have to get rid of it. Remember that no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose and that you have not cheated your bloodstream, your body or your brain beyond repair.

10. There is always physical contact such as holding hands, hugging a friend or getting a massage. These warm physical affirmations of human connection can be just what you need. Sex may be appropriate at some point, but if you don’t feel in your comfort zone, trying to do something sexual may raise issues that you don’t want to deal with at this time.

Before trying anything new, especially anything that includes concentrates or extracts, be sure to read the information on the packaging. Remember that you should not eat a whole 100mg chocolate bar of THC in one sitting. (Aim for 10mg or less, and work up from there after waiting an hour or so.)

Cannabis is a wonderful thing that affects people in different ways, and it varies from situation to situation. Be careful, be with friends and be good.

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