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Colleges in Missouri add studying marijuana

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Kansas City, Missouri – Add cannabis to the list of subjects you can study right now in college.

There are entire programs dedicated to learning how to grow, sell, and manage marijuana operations.
Jeremiah Vassar hurried to score.

“I’ve always wanted to have a job in cannabis,” said Jeremiah Vassar, 37, of St. Joseph, Missouri.

Last year, Vassar joined the cannabis program in Northwest Missouri, hoping to give him an inner path to his dream job. He has already completed one six-month course on cannabis cultivation and plans to enroll soon in a second course focusing on the business side of the process.

Dr. Jay Johnson, Vice President of Northwest Missouri, said he encouraged the university to offer cannabis certification, knowing that he would have no problem attracting students.

“Cannabis is one of the fastest growing job markets,” Johnson said.

Each six-month course is taught online and costs approximately $3000. Johnson said more than 100 students have already registered from across the Midwest.

“The important thing was to make sure we were doing something of quality and not just illegal software,” said Johnson, who has partnered with an outside company to deliver the program.

Unlike other undergraduate classes, students cannot pay for the program with a federal loan or grant—because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level.

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