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Iowa legalization campaign gives people a voice

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The Campaign for reasonable cannabis laws is a nonpartisan organization that strives to “reform the medical and recreational cannabis laws in Iowa based on fairness, financial prudence, and common sense.”

The group recently released a file Latest campaignled by Bradley Knott and Pete D’Alessandro. Recently, Knott wrote an article about their quest to get Iowa to work quickly with other states that have legal cannabis. “Cannabis reform is sweeping the country. From ruby ​​red in South Dakota and Montana to perpetual blue New York and New Jersey, majorities across the political spectrum are voting for reform. In some states this is a stronger medical program,” Note books. “In other states, voters have gone to both medical and recreational cannabis. In Iowa, we don’t have a choice. We don’t even have a vote.”

Knott explains how tax revenue from neighboring Iowa states has been reinvested into society in ways of education, health care, and other beneficial services. also refers to a Survey from 2021which found that eight in 10 Iowans support a stronger medical cannabis program, and 71% of state residents under the age of 35 support legalizing adult use (with 56% of those aged 35-54 also supporting the use of adults as well).

Despite this positive data, many Iowa lawmakers aren’t ready for the idea. When Illinois legalized cannabis, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made it very clear that she did not support the cause. “I don’t support recreational marijuana. I don’t. I wouldn’t be conservative to do that,” she said. Newspaper In June 2019. She shared her belief that cannabis is the gateway drug that leads to the use of other drugs.

Knott explains that state lawmakers should listen to the people, who should be able to vote on this topic. “Iowa people are reasonable people. They are proud of their state and have compassion for those in need. The current cannabis laws in Iowa are meaningless,” say frankly. “They make no sense if you want to make the wasted tax money that goes to Illinois and Colorado. Or you want to build on and diversify Iowa’s farming franchise, or stop the brain drain and keep young people here. Iowa’s cannabis laws make no sense if you want to help people Suffering or caring for someone with chronic pain, autism, cancer, or seizures. It doesn’t make sense if you believe in equal treatment or the judicious use of public safety funds and preventing nonviolent criminals from overcrowding prisons.”

There are a few Iowa lawmakers who support legalization, as we saw with the proposal recently Joint Senate Resolution 2003, which would have amended the Iowa constitution to legalize adult use of cannabis. However, it has not received enough attention to act as a law, which is Newspaper States due to Republican control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Lawmakers such as Senate Minority Leader Zack Walls believe the legalization is “overdue” though. Democrats support legalization, Republicans oppose legalization. [and] “Iowans who want legal cannabis need to vote for Democrats in this election,” Walls said.

In December 2021, Iowa Senators Joe Bolcom, Janet Petersen, and Sarah Troon Garriott joined forces to push for a constitutional amendment to legalize adult use. Bolcome called opposition lawmakers who do not think about the will of the people. “This has become a major issue. The majority of Iowans support this,” Bolcom said. Republicans are in the minority on this. Having said that, we need their help to convey this constitutional amendment to the electorate so that they can make their voices heard.”

The Campaign for reasonable cannabis laws She welcomes Iowa’s support for the cause and submits a petition to be signed on her website, as well as opportunities to donate to grassroots legalization efforts.

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