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Why does the smell of weed linger under I-70

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Denver (KDVR) — Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012, dispensaries and cultivation facilities have sprung up on street corners across the state. Denver has updated a file Marijuana Facility Location Directory Label the neighborhoods that can no longer expand weed sites.

Denver’s Department of Excise and Licensing has provided updates on neighborhoods that have an undue concentration of warehouse and agricultural facilities within zoning and proximity requirements.

An undue concentration of stores and agricultural facilities is defined as “neighborhoods of the city with the largest number of licensed medical and retail marijuana cultivation and storage sites.” There are five listed neighborhoods with the most Focus facilities and five with the most retail and drug stores.

Denver Marijuana Store Location Restrictions

These neighborhoods with an excessive concentration of stores cannot open new locations or have other stores moved into the neighborhood.

  • Overland: 14 locations
  • Northeast Park Hill: 11 locations
  • Baker: 10 locations
  • Illyria Swansea: 10 locations
  • Five points: 10 locations
  • Valverde: 10 locations

Denver Marijuana Growing Site Restrictions

The highest concentration of agricultural facilities could be found in these five neighborhoods, and therefore they could no longer open or relocate new facilities to these areas.

  • Northeast Park Hill: 33 locations
  • Montebello: 32 locations
  • Elyria Swansea: 31 locations
  • Overland: 21 locations
  • College View-South Platte: 18 locations

In total, there are 96 lawn-growing facilities located along Interstate 70 in Denver County. The high concentration of marijuana growth from Elyria Swansea, Montbello, and the Northeast Park Hill stretch of highway gives that strong scent.

“The cannabis industry has created thousands of jobs for Denver and is a major contributor to economic and tax revenue for our community,” said Molly Dobelchian, Executive Director of the Excise and Licensing Service. “However, we remain determined to protect neighborhoods from undue focus, so the history and cultural identity of our neighborhoods are protected, and youth exposure is limited.”

Marijuana and plantation stores also cannot be suggested if they are located within 1,000 feet of any school, childcare, or other marijuana establishment, alcohol or drug processing facility, or other city-owned recreational facility or pool.

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