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Cannabis reduces symptoms associated with cancer and dependence on opioids

Results of a three-year study suggest that cannabis can help reduce fatigue

Published in the magazine prospects in pain research, Researchers note that the use of medical cannabis to treat symptoms related to cancer is increasing, but that there is a lack of long-term trials evaluating the benefits and safety profile.

“Our study is the first to evaluate the potential benefits of medical cannabis for cancer-related pain in oncology patients; collecting information from the start of treatment, and repeated follow-up over an extended period of time, to obtain a comprehensive analysis of its efficacy,” notes study author David Meri, associate professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, About EurekAlert.

Merry added that traditional treatment options, such as opioid painkillers, can be dangerous for some patients.

To better understand the effect of cannabis on patients, researchers collected data on measures of pain, analgesic consumption, cancer symptom burden, sexual problems and side effects multiple times over a six-month period.

While pain and other symptoms related to cancer improved, use of opioids and other pain relievers was reduced. Nearly half of the patients studied have discontinued all painkilling medications after six months of cannabis drug therapy, reports say. EurekAlert.

Last year, a study was conducted in the United States that included 45 female cancer patients She studied the effect of cannabis therapy on pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Posted in Gynecological Oncology ReportsIn the study, researchers found that 71 percent of patients reported an improvement in at least one symptom after starting cannabis therapy.

“Self-reported follow-up indicates symptomatic relief for the majority of patients and minimal treatment-related side effects,” The authors concluded. “This data could be useful for advising gynecological cancer patients about the efficacy and side effects of medical marijuana.”

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