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Cannabis drug testing is the partial cause of America’s truck driver shortage

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The American Trucking Association issued a statement in October 2021, citing retired veterans and low wages as a partial reason for the shortage of more than 80,000 drivers. However, another reason for this shortage has been attributed to the legalization of adult use and drivers testing positive for cannabis.

March 2022 Summary report of the US Department of Transportation It states that as of April 1, 2022, 10,276 commercial truck drivers have tested positive for THC. (Although this is a significant drop in numbers, compared to 31,085 violations in 2021 and 29,511 violations in 2020). and oxymorphone and more.

The situation is particularly difficult for consuming drivers because many of them travel across multiple states with different methods of legalization.

According to an article in stack, Department of Transportation (DOT) Handbook: Truck Drivers Handbook Compliance Confirms Cannabis remains illegal federally. “While states may allow the medical use of marijuana, federal laws and policies do not recognize any legitimate medical use of marijuana. Even if a state does allow marijuana use, DOT regulations treat its use like the use of any other illegal drug.”

The DOT’s Federal Automobile Transporter Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug testing rates increased from 25% to 50% two years ago. “The new minimum annual percentage rate for random drug testing will be effective January 1, 2020. This change reflects an increased rate of positive testing and will result in an estimated $50-$70 million increase in industry costs by requiring that more drivers be tested. However, he also notes that the random alcohol test remained at 10%.

The FMCSA also states that medical cannabis is also not allowed, with no notable exceptions. Under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), a person is not physically qualified to drive a CMV if they use any Schedule I controlled substance such as marijuana, States. “Accordingly, a driver may not use marijuana even if recommended by a licensed medical practitioner.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies five risk factors for being a truck Long distance truck driverIncluding obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Some of these common workplace conditions are known to be treated with medical cannabis. In one study conducted in December 2015, medical cannabis helped Preventing obesity in mice. Some studies have identified how cannabis can actually help Treats nicotine addiction. Even a study from last February showed evidence of how to do it Cannabis can help lower blood pressure In those with high blood pressure.

April White House Fact Sheet It states that trucking accounts for 72% of products delivered in the United States, with a plan in place to help expand trucking business opportunities. “Trucking costs increased more than 20 percent last year as the increase in demand for goods caused by the pandemic countered a decline in pre-pandemic trucking jobs,” the fact sheet states. “The lack of supply of drivers is due to high turnover and low quality of work. Trucking routinely averages 90 percent for some carriers and drivers. They spend about 40 percent of their working day Waiting for goods to be loaded and unloaded — hours that are usually unpaid. ”

While the White House’s focus on improving the working lives of truck drivers across the country is a step in the right direction, there is a need to change regulations to allow truck drivers to use cannabis. One effort involves linking veterans with trucking jobs to the current state of Military Veterans The pursuit of medical cannabis to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, would create another obstacle for them to overcome.

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