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Georgia voters agree to marijuana legalization ballot question

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Georgia voters sent a marijuana message to state lawmakers, approving a ballot Tuesday that would express their support for legalizing adult use of cannabis.

Democratic Party leadership of the country Develop nine non-binding advisory questions In the preliminary electoral ballot to help inform the Legislature of Georgians’ position on various issues, including legalization.

The marijuana measure led by a strong margin of 80 percent to 20 percent Wednesday morning, with 95 percent of districts reporting their votes in full — a total of 649,487 ballot papers. guess To this limit.

Here is the language of the ballot question that voters were asked:

Should marijuana be legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same way alcohol is legalized for adults age 21 or older, with proceeds directed toward education, infrastructure, and healthcare programs?

The results of the vote don’t immediately change state law, but it stands to reason that a strong showing in favor of legalization assures elected officials that there is support for reform, at least among those voting in the Democratic primary.

Georgia has open primaries, which means that any voter was able to fill out the Democratic ballot on Election Day regardless of party affiliation.

else Questions In the Democratic poll, he was asked about student loan forgiveness, paid parental leave, free preschool, health care and renewable energy. Meanwhile, the Republican poll didn’t contain a question about cannabis, but it did give people a chance to sway a Mexican border wall, the right of transgender people to participate in sports and censorship on social media.

Meanwhile, reforms to Georgia’s limited medical cannabis program Advances in both Houses this session But she didn’t get to the last syllable.

Back in 2018, Democratic primary voters in South Carolina were similarly asked to share their position on the legalization of medical cannabis on the ballot. More than 80 percent answered that they Support age policy change To allow patients access to marijuana.

Outside the polls, Minnesota lawmakers have done it Surveyed about legalizing the use of adults As part of the State Fair Poll Poll. As recently as 2021, 58 percent of respondents said they supported reform. That was a modest increase Compared to 2019 room surveywhich showed 56 percent support.

Back in Georgia, there has been some movement on the state’s drug policy, with lawmakers Presenting a bipartisan decision Which calls for the formation of a study committee in the House of Representatives Investigating the therapeutic potential of materials Like psilocybin and make recommendations for repairs.

State Senate Democrats attempted to enact a bill in 2020 that would include provisions for Decriminalizing Low Level Cannabis Possession but she did not progress.

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