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1 Connection opened to become Dighton, MA’s first recreational cannabis dispensary

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Dayton Welcomes the first cannabis dispensary, 1 Connection. The company was founded on the idea of ​​the importance of connectivity and the enhancement of life through the quality of high-quality cannabis products and aims to be a comfortable place for both seasoned and new cannabis users.

Digton, Mass.And the May 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Dayton Welcomes the first cannabis dispensary, 1 link, with a festive ribbon cut, easy Tonton Chamber of Commerce on Saturday May 21. The new 20,000-square-foot storefront is now open to the public to purchase recreational cannabis.

1 Connect distinguishes itself from the competition by being the community’s premier dispensary. The business was founded on the idea of ​​the importance of connection and the enhancement of life through the quality of high-quality cannabis products.

Currently, 1 Connection is only for recreational cannabis, but the complex includes a growing and manufacturing facility, scheduled to open in the near future. When the planting facility is operational, 1 Connection can begin selling cannabis for medical use as well.

Executive Director Michael Fonseca She is also a partial owner of Natural Green Choice, LLC, a farming facility in Rhode Island. Fonseca states that he got into the cannabis industry after seeing the benefits of using cannabis for his wife while she was being treated for cancer, which led to his participation in 1 Connection as well.

1 Connection aims to be a resting place for seasoned and new cannabis users alike. It included a building design consultancy room to provide new users with the option to consult with expert staff. This is in line with their mission to put their community first and emphasize connections. Every 1 Connection employee is passionate and knowledgeable about cannabis products, and describes their roles at 1 Connection as her “dream job.”

The highest quality products currently available span all forms of cannabis and include Fernway, Berkshire Roots, Nova Farms, Coast, edibles and Resinate extracts.

1 Connection strives to improve life through the goodness of cannabis. We know that not everyone is the same and neither is hemp. At 1 Connection, we’re here to help you find your favorite strain, products and delivery methods, whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or an experienced user. From the soil in which hemp is grown, to the hands that harvest our produce, to you – our story is rooted in the belief that we are all related to one another. Through the quality of cannabis, we believe we can enhance our relationship with nature, with our community, and with ourselves.


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