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CBD retailer tries to clear up confusion after break-ins

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The Greenleaf farm owner spent the weekend climbing to the storefront at his Jewett location, the second time he’s had to set up one of his own business this month.

Connecticut State Police are investigating after a group of people vandalized the window and fled before any items inside were taken.

“Had it not been for the warning, they probably would have gotten pregnant and come up with something,” said Brian Vertifoil, owner of Greenleaf Farms.

There are five Greenleaf farms in Connecticut that sell CBD and hemp-derived products. Earlier this month, the Norwich website was hacked.

According to Vertefeuille, someone threw a brick through the window and stole CBD. Norwich Police are checking.

Vertefeuille said there was also an incident at his Bridgeport site three months ago. He thinks his storefronts are being targeted because people don’t understand the difference between what he’s selling and marijuana.“People have misconceptions that all of these e-cigarette stores and these CBD stores are selling marijuana right now, which is absolutely not the case,” Vertefeuille said.

Legal under the US Farms Act of 2018, Greenleaf Farms sells CBD and hemp-derived products. These products are different from cannabis for adults, which recently became legal to possess in Connecticut.

“It looks like it’s hashish. It’s not hashish and that’s what I think the general public needs to understand,” Vertefeuille explained. “CBD contains 0.03% THC per Connecticut law. Weed and marijuana have no limit to that.”

While it is legal to possess a limited amount of cannabis for adult use in Connecticut, retail locations are not set up and operated in the state.

“We are in the process of licensing these companies and expect retail sales to begin by the end of the year or early next year, but as of now, only cannabis products for sale in Connecticut are for sale for medical marijuana,” said Kaitlin Krasselt of Consumer Protection CT.

Once retail stores open in Connecticut, Krasselt said, they will be required to follow strict security requirements.

“We don’t sell weeds,” Vertefeuille said. “People have to understand — what are you going to get? Leaves, bong, CBD? Come knock on my window. I’ll help someone if they always need it.”

“I just hope the message gets through that it’s not what you think,” he continued.


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