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Upcoming non-medical cannabis store apps

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Travel City – Applicants looking to obtain a license to retail non-medical marijuana in Traverse City can mark a date on their calendars.

Applications are available June 13, and the city will begin receiving them from 8 a.m. August 22 to 5 p.m. August 26, according to a statement from the office of city clerk Benjamin Marinette. Applicants will then go through a competitive scoring process that includes several public meetings where they can make presentations to the scoring committee. The committee then gives a score based on a rubric that has just been revised, followed by an on-site examination.

The clerk’s office has estimated that it will issue the licenses in June 2023, although the amount of time depends on the number of applications, according to the statement.

It’s the next step after a lengthy rewriting of the rules that several medical marijuana retailers have challenged in court, as previously reported. In a divided ruling, Thirteenth Circuit Court Judge Thomas Power agreed that the city’s previous evaluation standard for awarding licenses did not follow state law.

The authority sided with the city’s previous cap of four non-medical marijuana stores – often called adult or recreational use – but commissioners on May 16 increased that to 24 when they amended rules originally passed in 2020.


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