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Johnny’s Ambassadors Hold Marijuana Prevention Conference for Youth

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Johnny’s ambassadors will be holding his first concert Youth Marijuana Prevention Conference on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, regarding the harmful effects of marijuana use for youth. The conference, in Lone Tree, Colorado, will be held in a mixed format with a live pool program and a live broadcast.

“Our society cannot suffer another marijuana death.”

Laura Stack, founder of Johnny’s Ambassadors

The conference features a full day of marijuana education with celebrity speakers informing adults, educators, social workers, therapists, and community members interested in recent research on the dangers of marijuana use for youth, addiction, mental illness, and suicide. The cost is $299 to attend in person—which includes question-and-answer sessions with speakers and meals—and $99 to broadcast the event. The one-day conference will last from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Registration for https://p2p.onecause.com/youth To come and learn about the potential risks of high THC marijuana today.

Laura Stack

Laura Stack, Founder johnny’s ambassadorsShe is determined to educate others about the harmful consequences of high-potency marijuana after her son, Johnny Stack, died by suicide in 2019 after developing psychosis from highly concentrated marijuana products.

Stack says, “In Colorado there is such a high abundance of marijuana. These kids have no idea how strong this stuff is and how bad it is for their brains. Our society cannot have another marijuana death.”

A panel of industry experts will discuss and highlight recent findings, initiatives and action steps for participants. Sponsored by Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), the International Academy of Cannabis Science and Impact (IASIC), and Drug Free America, speakers include Drs Latisha Bader, Ben Court, Carrie Eckert, and Dr. Ken B. Fenn, Luc Nevoratus, D.; Karen A. Randall, Dr.; Brad A. Roberts, Dr.; Libby Stewitt.

Everyone will educate parents and teens about the impact of high potency marijuana use.

Dr. Randall and Dr. Roberts are emergency medicine physicians in Pueblo, Colorado. They specialize in diagnosing emergency medicine and treating patients with life-threatening conditions including drug overdoses. Dr. Roberts provided key legislative testimony that led to the death of Colorado HB-1317 in 2021.

Dr. Randall, who has more than 20 years in practice, will discuss cases from the emergency department and confirm the dangerous impact of marijuana legalization. Dr. Roberts, who has over 10 years of experience, will cover psychosis, suicide and excessive vomiting as they relate to marijuana use.

SAM Executive Vice President Luke Niforatos’ goal is to create a community in which marijuana policies are aligned with scientific understanding of marijuana’s harms. Niforatos will talk about the effects of marijuana legalization on youth in Colorado and nationwide.

“It is important to educate the public about the science of marijuana use to minimize its consequences for our youth,” Stack said. “People like Luke Niforatos will help us understand those consequences in plain English.”

Stack has worked tirelessly since her son’s tragic death, working to prevent what happened to Johnny from happening to others. She spends countless hours a week talking to school teens and parents via webinars and conferences about the dangers of concentrates.

“Marijuana took my son’s life, and I’m so angry,” Stack said. “This is my job now because I missed everything – and didn’t know anything.” In 2021, I wrote a book, The dangerous truth about marijuana today, To educate and raise awareness of Johnny’s story.

For more information on marijuana research and Johnny’s Ambassadors, visit www.johnnysambassadors.org.


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