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Ceria renames it NA beer and THC/CBD, in honor of the ancient Roman goddess of the harvest

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Syria Brewing CompanyFounded by Keith Villa, the brewer who created Blue Moon, recently announced a new look for craft beer that is free of alcohol (AF), THC- and CBD, delivering an elevated experience in the moments that matter most.

After creating Blue Moon and retiring from MillerCoors with 32 years of brewing experience, Villa, along with his wife, Jodi Villa, launched Ceria Brewing in 2018, dedicated to brewing the best non-alcoholic beers without compromising on taste. Using an innovative and unique brewing method that produces great tasting, full craft beer and produces 0.00 percent ABV, Ceria positions itself in the non-alcoholic and THC-free beverage categories.

Ceria has revealed a new brand identity honoring Ceres – the ancient Roman goddess of the harvest. The new packaging reveals earthy purples, blues and greens that are classically inspired, yet have a modern and abstract feel for a universal appeal.

“We are very excited to take Ceria to the next level with our refreshing new look that delivers modern brews with beer and THC options that don’t compromise on the flavor or enjoyment of the original beer,” Villa said. “Say hello to complex flavor notes and goodbye to jitters.”

Ceria is reinventing the craft category with its Grainwave (Belgian-style white beer) and Indiewave (IPA) beers, available in alcohol-only and alcohol-free as well as THC/CBD infused kits. While both groups are alcohol-free with 0.00 percent ABV, the Grainwave in the THC group includes 5 mg of THC and the Indiewave includes 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. Ceria collection includes:

  • Grainwave AF Belgian White – (0.00% ABV with or without 5 mg THC) A refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered, white Belgian-style beer, brewed with blood orange peel and coriander for bright flavours. Grainwave contains the well-known terpenes limonene and linalool Prevents inflammation, reduces anxiety, and promotes a cold mentality.
  • Indiewave IPA (AF) – (0.00% ABV with or without 10mg THC + 10mg CBD) A delicious IPA flavor that perfectly balances Cascade Hops, Citra, and Amarillo with a light caramel malt for a smooth, citrusy character. The main Indiewave turbines are myrcene and humulene that have been shown Prevents inflammation and aids relaxation.

“After spending years studying beer and THC, I have been passionate about making delicious, satisfying beer without alcohol and a way to enjoy the pleasurable sensations of THC,” Villa said. “Ceria is just that and designed for the modern rapper who wants to feel relaxed in social situations without the effects of alcohol.”

Ceria AF kits sell for a suggested retail price of $9.99 per six-pack and THC kits sell for a suggested retail price of $8 per single sale. Ceria AF is available nationwide at Total Wine and More stores and locate HEB, Target and Buffalo Wild Wing; Ceria THC is also available at recreational dispensaries in Colorado and California. Learn more through Ceriabrewing.com And the Ceriainfused.com. Now enjoy some new product images.


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