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Canada plans to print warnings on individual cigarettes

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Health Canada Minister Caroline Bennett said Health Canada is taking steps that would require tobacco companies to print health warnings on individual cigarettes in a pack.

Something small

Speaking at a news conference Friday, Bennett said the current warning being considered would read, “Poison in every puff,” although that is subject to change.

Caroline Bennett, Deputy Minister of Health of Canada

While warnings about cigarette packages are the norm in countries around the world, this new messaging scheme will be the first of its kind in any country.

Canada is also credited with providing the pictorial warnings that many cigarette packs around the world use as a deterrent.

Furthermore, he stated that warnings on cigarette packages could be expanded to include a more detailed list of the harmful effects of smoking.

However, the new plan is based on a public consultation period that started on Saturday and will last for 75 days. interested in trade mentioned.

What was said?

In a statement issued online by Health Canada, It was revealed that the plans would place warnings on “individual cigarettes, filter cigars, and cigarette tubes.”

The health agency added that “tipping cigarettes and other tobacco products would make it virtually impossible to avoid health warnings completely.

“If this is implemented, Canada will be the first country in the world to make such a requirement,” the statement continued.

Smoking ban

Over the past year, countries around the world have implemented measures to stop tobacco use among people.

in february, Swiss audience They voted to ban any tobacco advertising targeting young people in the country after a referendum.

The result was heralded as a victory for the country’s health activists, who have long criticized the country’s strong ties to the tobacco industry.

In December last year, HSE She said she was exploring multiple strategies in an effort to quit smoking in Ireland.

In addition to a complete ban on the sale of tobacco products, HSE is also considering strict limits on the number of stores allowed to sell tobacco products or making tobacco companies bear the huge cost of health care as a result of smoking-related diseases.

The New Zealand government It also plans to introduce new legislation in 2022 that would raise the legal smoking age by one year each year starting in 2027.

These measures will mean that no one born after 2008 will be able to purchase cigarettes or tobacco products in their lifetime.


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