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FlackTek SpeedMixer® Named Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform of 2021 by Global Health and Pharma

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Reynolds handles dozens of accounts for cannabis across the United States, and is seen in the industry as one of the industry’s early adopters – pioneering SpeedMixer™ for cannabis applications. “Cannabis has already driven many of the technical innovations for SpeedMixer™ and will continue to do so,” Reynolds stated. Using FlackTek SpeedMixer®, cannabis customers can create a variety of products such as buds/live resin, soaked flowers, vape formulations, foods, emulsions, and more.

Located in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility next to the Rockies, FlackTek SpeedMixer benefits from decades of blending knowledge and sourcing parts of the highest quality. FlackTek upholds the highest standards of quality, reputation, and recognition for blending performance and service throughout the United States. FlackTek SpeedMixer® uses dual asymmetric centrifugal technology for high-quality homogenization, solvent removal, grinding and formulation in one machine.

FlackTek is highly regarded – as evidenced by a recent Global Health and Pharma award – for its attention to detail across every part of the machine configuration process from model selection and fulfillment to orders and invoices. In addition, FlackTek’s exceptional field team travels across the country to provide preventative maintenance and invaluable service to its customers.

About FlackTek SpeedMixer, Inc

Headquartered in Landrum, South CarolinaFlackTek has been providing customers with mixing solutions since 1996. With a primary focus on quality and performance, they strive to deliver the best results in the industry at every stage of the mixing process. To this end, SpeedMixer™ machines are offered with a wide range of sizes, supplies, and accessories for all scales of needs from research and development to production, plus in-depth training, technical services, lab assistance with mixing and customer support.

More information about FlackTek SpeedMixer® https://www.speedmixer.com.

To watch the full SpeedMixer™ GHP Innovation Award ghp-news.com/issues/q2-2022/28/

Michelle John
FlackTek SpeedMixer Inc
[email protected]

Ted Reynolds
Cannabis Account Manager
[email protected]

Source: FlackTek SpeedMixer


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