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Top 5 games about growing marijuana

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A few decades ago, the relationship of marijuana and the video game industry was strained. Games were popular among young people, and cannabis was considered a plant worth noting unless it was to warn the younger generation to refrain from trying it. After the gradual legalization, the attitude to fate became more relaxed. Therefore, the developers noticed this and introduced the plant into the culture of video games. Since growing hemp is now a legal hobby for gardening in some US states, you can free up some space on your gadget for the better.

The evolution of cannabis photography

Experts note a certain shift in how cannabis is portrayed in games and how it reflects the world’s opinion of marijuana. Before the legalization of recreational cannabis, it was depicted as follows: a person smokes a knuckle and coughs, blurring vision with thick smoke.

As marijuana is becoming less of a taboo, developers dedicate entire games to this plant where people can run a farm or dispensary. Since cannabis is no longer seen as harmful and dangerous (despite its status as (a) Schedule I controlled substances Under federal laws), this new type of cannabis-focused game has become very popular among users. Americans have no problem seeing him in movies either.

These games were launched as mobile apps (Android and iOS), with millions of most of them downloaded. Some also have released tablet game versions and those that run on PC.

Most popular weed games

All cannabis lovers can now have fun on their smartphone by downloading marijuana games for free or enjoy video games on their PC. It is very easy as users switch almost all smartphones to the Internet or Google Play Store. Except for entertainment, people can learn through it and get knowledge about cannabis. You are free to choose simple games and apps or choose complex, useful and challenging options simultaneously. You can start with the top rated weed games below.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College

It is a sequel to Herbal Company: RePlanted And one of the most popular games. Former botany student Ted Groening inherited the cannabis trade in the first part of the game. Now, he goes back to his college and finds his headquarters in an abandoned gym because the police are after him. Players will grow multiple strains of cannabis, sell them to eccentric customers, defend their lair from local gangs, get rid of corrupt cops ready to break up their shop, and even communicate with intergalactic aliens.


This game is viral among weed growers. They can grow virtual cannabis strains and grow delicious buds. As real gardeners, players can improve and upgrade their growing equipment and generate new hybrids. After harvest, they prepare various hemp products for sale by making unique concentrates and cooking brownies. When they turn their weed farm into a profitable business, they get a chance to invest in their city by fixing and cleaning it up. The advantage of this game is that you can play with your friends online. Also, accept the challenge to compete in the Hempire Cup.

Khalifa weed farm

Wiz Khalifa is a real person. He is an American rapper and weed consumer. In this simulation game, you will learn from prominent entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa about how to grow, grow and harvest weed plants. This action takes place in a hypothetical future where marijuana is legalized. The goal is to grow, sell and make a profit from your cannabis business. You can level up to unlock various mysterious weed strains and upgrade tools, while some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

Herbal Company: Idle Tycoon

It is a management game that helps you to build a real cannabis empire. Your strategic goal is to hire experienced employees for your business and find the right people for all stages of production, including growing, processing, packaging, selling and more. When your business becomes successful, you can revamp locations to attract richer clients, create new pot stores, and breed new cannabis for your unique set of strains.

Ganga Farm – Weed Empire

This game allows users to create their own weed farm, taking on the role of Rastaman, a cannabis farmer who inherited the business from his uncle. The overall design is based on the usual caricatures and caricatures of the usual stereotypes about smoking buds, with a relaxing graphic reggae. Try cultivating a range of breeds and producing a variety of goods to meet the demands of hippies and fearsome stones. You’ll need to plan herb crops, maintain required THC levels, purchase premium compost, distill liquor, and much more. As your Destiny empire grows, you can spend your winnings on constructing new buildings and beautifying your site with statues, hookahs, bongs, etc.

Last words

The past two years have brought about a boom in marijuana-related games. Choose the one who inspires you among others, and try your hand at cultivating the pot by default. If you are interested in growing weeds at home, visit AskGrowers For detailed information on cultivation procedures, strains characteristics, and other useful information about cannabis in general.


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