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The most delicious sweetness of THC in America in the summer of 2022

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2022 is the year of gum, no ifs, ands, or buts. While brownies and crunchy rice may have taken over the edible sector in the cannabis industry, gum is Now outperforming all digestible alternatives on sale. When you look at cost, effectiveness, and options, the question “why?” Clear: They’re your best bet for a long, stony summer.

But then you walk into the store or launch a delivery app, and there you are. very. many. choices. We’ve traversed coast-to-coast food markets to find top sellers and best bets from Florida to Oregon.

California: 710 Labs chewing gum, and more

Space Gems, Papa & Barkley Kitchen Gummies, and Clscs rosin gummies

If you’ve been noticing a topic, well, I’ll admit I’m pretty biased. I tried a lot of chewing gum in my past life as a little kid in the Bay Area – and I mean Much. Pectin, gelatin, squares, worms (rip off fun candy shapes for medical days), belts, oblong shapes, you name it. I’ve tried drip gum, live resin gum, nano gum, and everything in between. That’s all to say, I think the only acceptable formula for chewing gum is fragmentation or rosin.

All of these brands – be it with cannabis awards, sales or court of public opinion – have shown that they taste good and hit hard. The jury is still out on the efficacy of breed-specific foods. Some use a single strain and others a mix, but I’ve always found the highs in these to be well-balanced, playful, and lasting. Wendy Baker, founder and leader of Humboldt-based Space Gems, is inspired by dispensary trips to Auckland, back in Prop 215 days. The foods of this day were, as we say, uneven.

“I knew I could make it better,” Becker said.

After months of experimenting and a brief run with a BHO-based formula, Baker perfected her current recipe for her current infused ice-water and vegan gum solution in 2015. The gum speaks for itself and isn’t going anywhere. But being an artisanal producer means constant competition with big laboratories; “I am a pillar of 215 days. Some of us walk in the water, some of us conquer, some of us drown. The goal is to make rainbows every day. I paved that path.”

See also: Alien Labs Galactic Hash Chewing Gum in Cluster Cotton; lunar orange blue moon; And cherry eclipse.

Oregon: Wild Jamies

Wild foods in apple photos are delicious.  (David Downes/Lively)
Wild foods in apple photos are delicious. (David Downes/Lively)

So this isn’t made with cannabis, but it’s undoubtedly the largest gum in the states that makes it at the moment. The data from the headset confirmed that these are the top pick for people, thanks to the strong flavor selection and fast-acting effects. They also mix it, with some hemp blends with CBD, CBN, and CBG as well as THC. Its rectangular shape and smooth texture also make it easy to break into smaller pieces to mix and match small doses. www.leafly.com/brands/wyld


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Ohio: Gum Botanist

Medical marijuana company and dispensary chain, The Botanist, makes their gummies using cannabis isolates but don’t write them off yet. These vegan pectin-based chewing gums use natural fruit flavors and a range of potions and cannabis combinations for both ailments and recreational fun. You can choose from CBD to THC ratios such as 5:1, 2:1, 1:1, and even 1:1 CBN:THC when it’s time to sleep. Amarina cherry or pink pomegranate anyone? ShopBotanist.com

Washington: Making the Elixir

Over the past four years, artisanal elixirs have garnered more than a dozen cannabis awards for their unique line of Pioneer Squares fruit squares and delicious potato chips. The winners are black strawberry, raspberry and kiwi THC gummies, and 1:1 THC:CBD gummies, in doses of 10 milligrams. www.leafly.com/brands/craft-elixirs

Colorado: Dialed In

Asked in chewing gum.  (Responded with permission from)
Asked in chewing gum. (Responded with permission from)

If you have “calling” stuff, you win, and so does this rosin-based edible brand. Within two years, they collaborated with dozens of Colorado growers to produce small batches of breed-specific rosin gums in rotating strains and flavors; Modern batches made with Oreoz, Mac, and Super Lemon Haze; The flavors consist of a whole gamut of exotic fruits, from dragon fruit to guava and papaya.

Its founder, Keith Portman, vice president of marketing for the brand, says its founder “saw this empty market segment that nobody cared about. Solvent-free is the cleanest way to make an edible, and rosin comes off.”

There are also 500mg infusions made exclusively for Colorado medical patients. Lab test results for each batch are posted online for transparency and agency for the consumer to choose the experience they want.



Winning American Weed Strains in Summer 2022

Oklahoma: Smokies

Smoky's Gomez.  (courtesy Smokies)
Smoky’s Gomez. (courtesy Smokies)

Smokiez has achieved fame throughout the entertainment and medical states in recent years, with more than a dozen in its network. Whether it’s gluten-free or vegan for any sensitive stomach, this fruit is more chewy than gummy, with more flavors than you’ll find on Edible Arrangement. Founded in 2010, Smokiez’s director of marketing, Bill Thompson, believes they have withstood the evolving industrial landscape and thrive in more than a dozen states, with Puerto Rico and Canada in the business. “Oklahoma is one of our busiest states,” he says. “It’s delicious. It is a really good quality product. Product quality and consistency, as with anything, are key.”


Massachusetts: Sniptable Effect Extracts

The crusade for hash-based foods is turning to “hachabel” gum from impact extracts. Solvent-free gum is on the rise, and for good reason: It’s easier to make and offers a broad-spectrum bioactive effect of soothing intoxication that doesn’t bother you or exacerbate your paranoia. These flavors don’t have so much to do with unique flavors because they are a one-of-a-kind experience, and one that’s guaranteed to sway your view of retail foods.

Illinois: Mindy Food

This chewing gum looks like it’s finding an artisanal farmers market. Chicago-based James Beard Award-winner Mindy Segal formulated these ingredients with Cresco Labs to elevate the dining experience using delicious fruit flavors and a smooth texture. These orchard-inspired flavors, including sweet honey melon, glazed clementine, and cool lime kiwi, tend to be on the low-dose end; 5 mg is the standard dose for these flavors, but some flavors are as low as 2 mg to fit your schedule. www.leafly.com/brands/mindys-edibles

Michigan: Kiva Lost Farm . chewing gum

Bulk Farm Chewed Kiva Confections.  (courtesy Kiva)
Bulk Farm Chewed Kiva Confections. (courtesy Kiva)

This California-born edible juggernaut has spread its wings across the country, including Michigan. The taste is hard to impress the market, and Kiva’s live resin and chew gums did not disappoint. Both are delicious and conjure up that perfect summer vibe, although I’m partial to a Starburst-esque fruit chew on blueberries. Their breeds spin in and out, but don’t rule out the classic blue dream in edible form. www.leafly.com/brands/kiva-confections

Florida: I’m chewing

I am Gomez.  (Courtesy of Food and I)
I am Gomez. (Courtesy of Food and I)

Finally, Florida gets the program. The condition of the rising sun allowed food to enter the market, but not everything was created equal. MUV’s Wana Vegan Fruit Gummies offer hybrid, sativa and indica options with multiple flavors to choose from (yuzu sounds delicious), as well as some THC/CBD formulas. This chewing gum follows the standard 10 mg dose but can be easily split or doubled depending on the occasion. It also won’t melt if you forget it in the car!


Nevada: Gum Mango Tagine by Gummy

This is as close to an edible michelada as we’ll get, at least for the time being. The Gummy Company is a subset of Nevada’s grower The Grower Circle, which is known statewide to supply watermelon. Their edible pursuits marked their own path, with succulent gum and chocolate bars using, you guessed it, hash rosin. This delicious and spicy dessert embodies the ultra-low cultural marriage that is Las Vegas in both taste and influence.


Maine: Hash wisely chews

Wisdom is first and foremost a focused company and florist, so they know exactly what Maine consumers want and lack in the food business: more retail. These chewables come in 10 mg and 10 mg boxes per pack for the adult use market, made with rosin. It’s not stress-specific, so expect a hybrid effect. For anyone who abstains from animal products, these products contain gelatin. www.wiselycannabis.com/#menu

Maryland: Betty Ides

She gives a cottagecore. These small, fruity treats may inspire you to take a trip to the country and start living off the land. These swirls are made with fruits, vegetables, and weeds of course, with warm flavor profiles like honey lemon and apple pie. Since it’s on the medical market, Betty’s five-pack gum usually comes in a 20mg dose, but it also has an extra strength option at 50mg a pop, so tread with caution. www.leafly.com/brands/betty-s-eddies

Arizona: pure chewing gum

This homemade dessert is loved by locals (with an award to prove it) for its great taste and flexible doses. As a medicinal marijuana product, pure gum has two strengths, a 10mg dose and a 30mg dose. It comes 10-to-box with accessible, naturally derived flavors like watermelon and mango, and you can choose between sativa or indica-based options. It’s also vegan, affordable, and contains distilled hemp oil. https://pureedibles.com/about/

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Amelia Williams, a freelance cannabis journalist based in New York, is a graduate of the San Francisco State University Journalism Program and a former junior. Williams has contributed to GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, Cannabis Now, Kirkus Reviews, and The Bold Italic of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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