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Claws: Cute Hemp Nails Inspiration for Summer 2022

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The sun is out, tentacles are up! As we indulge in the best days of the year, it’s only natural that we want to look our best, from head to toenails.

It may surprise you, but cultures all over the world have been polishing, coloring and dazzling their nails for thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt to the Chinese Kings.

Our nails are extensions of who we are, and there’s no better time as a weed lover than letting your hands do the talking. what are they saying? We love weed!

Colors, colors, colors

Summer is sensual, lush, and lively. Flowers bloom and animals thrive. Your nails should reflect that! Saturated tones and gradients provide great visual stimulation when the joint hits. If Seth Rogen can do it, so can you.

Light up with your favorite herbal characters

Buttercup may have never used the Powerpuff Girls, but we can all agree that Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy and Rick of Rick & Morty were definitely a bright spot on and off screen. Who knows what Alice in Wonderland was smoking, but she looked cute doing it.

Move in the literal sense

Why won around the bush? Although we don’t recommend hitting this joint (and please ignite it only with supervision in a well-ventilated area without flammable materials), you can’t send out a more visible smoke signal for a quarantined summer girl.

Make it practical

Not all heroes wear a cap. Janay Brown, founder of the Fruit-Mixed Paper Company and Growf herb shop in Virginia, is tired of “burning her cute fingers on da crickets” from her breasts and knuckles. So she made herself a stud with a holder hole that would make Cruella Deville shake with envy.

Have you called your nail tech yet? Let us know in the comments if we missed any fire combos.

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams, a freelance cannabis journalist based in New York, is a graduate of the San Francisco State University Journalism Program and a former junior. Williams has contributed to GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, Cannabis Now, Kirkus Reviews, and The Bold Italic of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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