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5 Big Hopes for Summer Include These Hemp Pairs

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Welcome to the summer. While the great outdoors looms nowhere else, we Phoenix residents stick to agreeing inside with fresh air conditioning, cool water, and an endless supply of screen-based entertainment. What better way to enjoy time indoors than with a good movie and some quality herbs?

Here are our picks for five movie and cannabis pairs for lazy summer days. Whether you’re on summer vacation or just looking to unwind after a hot day, these options are worth checking out the next time you’re ready to melt on the couch.

1. space balls And the death star

Where to watch: Youtube

Where do I buy: give the tree

Our list begins with a classic, space ballspaired with dank and evil Death star. The Death Star is an indica-dominant strain, derived from crossbreeding between Sensei Star And the sour diesel. The Death Star Effects Comfortable and cheerful – perfect for relaxing on the sofa. Contrary to the name itself, the Death Star leaves people blown away in its wake and baked. However, those brave enough are known to be on the receiving end of the Death Star funny speed And travel in the galaxy in Winnebago With their favorite prompt. Like any large breed, the Death Star sends out smokers straight to manoushe. Do yourself a favor: roll up some death stars, grab a sliceand set off with space balls. Hope Schwartz is with you.

Everything everywhere at once And the GG #4

Where to watch: Youtube

Where do I buy: HOC . harvestEverything everywhere at once It is a multidimensional therapeutic session of a film that invites viewers to question the completeness of their reality and to think of the multiverse. For a movie full of action, fun and introspective like Everything everywhere at onceWe need a breed that can keep up.

Enter GG #4 (also known as Gorilla Glue, GG4) – a vigorous, sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a strain related to Sour Diesel, Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. Stress causes an envelope-filter-like buzz that tickles the brain and sticks to the body—often on the couch. GG4 pairs perfectly with exciting visual effects, interlocking storylines, comedy, and poetic truth Everything everywhere at once. Remember that your highest potential can come from your lowest frequency. Now go get anesthetic.

holy mountain And the headband

Where to watch: + Apple TV

Where do I buy: Nirvana Center

holy mountain It is the surreal vision of the 1973 Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. The film follows “The Thief” as he struggles all his life and eventually meets the alchemistplayed by Jodorowsky. holy mountain Playful dances with religious and magical themes and images, creating their own alchemical rituals. The thief and seven others train with The Alchemist to climb the Immortals’ Mountain, learning deeper lessons along the way. Viewers may recognize some of the movie’s celebrities design layout One of the famous shots.

Much like The Alchemist in holy mountainThe headpiece of his disciples is crowned with the timeless wisdom of peace and creativity. Headband is a classic cross og kush And the sour dieselCount on it for equal parts relaxation and rejuvenation as you witness the mystical visual marvel holy mountain.

rent the following: Fin Poesia Sin (Spanish for endless poetry)

Friday And the og kush

Where to watch: HBO Max

Where do I buy: Wonders of nature

Now it’s time for two quintessential Los Angeles classics from the ’90s. There is something wonderful about him Friday. Maybe it’s the all-star cast, maybe it’s the sweet ’90s nostalgia, or maybe just Mrs. Parker, but Friday rips. The 1995 favorite tells a tale as old as time – one of neighborhood dynamics, growth, responsibility, and of course, Mary Jane.

very much like FridayOG Kush is a legendary throwback. OG Kush . story Brilliant, dense, and sticky like its buds. OG Kush as we know it began with a Florida farmer who perfected his signature breed. His friends called the strain “Kush Berry”, simply because of the way it was planted seem, and not as a reference to her lineage. Eventually, the name was shortened to “Kush” and Josh D She was best known for bringing the plant to the L.A. Word and spread around that Kush were must-haves, and the rest is history. It’s entirely possible that Smokey had some kush on him (if he wasn’t smoking psychics), although he did tell Craig not to sweat chronic Another common misnomer at the time. Today, OG Kush comes in many forms from many growers, all featuring their chain that consistently delivers herbal bliss, toothy smiles, and gentle buzz.

French Dispatch And the sour diesel

Where to watch: HBO Max

Where do I buy: HOC . harvest

In his latest film project, Wes Anderson takes viewers to him Ennui, Francethe fictional setting of French Dispatchto explore five stories written by American reporters who live and work there as reporters.

The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun Directed and written by Wes Anderson, he is all right – subtle, rich, and utterly charming. Tilda Swinton, who plays an eccentric art critic in the film, Describe French Dispatch As a love letter to the press from Anderson. The film also respects many forms of art and storytelling, including, of course, French cinema.

Sour diesel is a Sativa strain well known for its invigorating and exciting noises. Stress often leads to creativity and daydream-like questioning. It’s perfect for late-night smoking sessions discussing art, politics, and other areas of life. Wall Diesel won’t hang you on the sofa, it gives you serenity and euphoria joie de vivre If you like.

for a movie like French DispatchYou might want to include black coffee and maybe your SD roll in a French accent. There is a lot going on in this movie, and there are so many great little details to take in. Viewers will want their creativity, vitality, and awareness in high gear.

Avid readers will note that Sour Diesel is mentioned in almost every pairing in this article, and that’s not by mistake. Sour Diesel is ideal for watching movies. They are a lively, lively breed that is perfect for appreciating long-form art, such as movies and concerts. Unless you’re looking for a pointer-fuelled sofa coma, the Sour Diesel is always a smart choice for movies. Don’t forget the popcorn.


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