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The future of the Delta 8 THC vape laws after the Juul ban

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cannabis And nicotine products differ from each other – from “agriculture” to their pharmaceutical effects. However, some governments have regulated these two hands. Consider the general arrogant sense of duty. Will the recent FDA ban on Juul products indicate future e-cigarette laws regarding minors? cannabissuch as delta 8 THC?

Newly illegal vape capsules

The FDA has restricted vapes from Juul, a popular e-cigarette brand in the country. Four centuries, including two concentrations of nicotine, were also banned in Virginia tobacco and menthol flavors. The reason, according to the Food and Drug Administration, is due to health concerns. Juul’s studies have raised concerns about toxins. Beyond that, safety a leak The liquid cannot be guaranteed.

Consumers cannot be targeted by law. But retailers who sell banned Juul e-cigarettes will do so illegally and can be punished. Complying with the complete ban on the popular vape product, are plans to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes.

Comparing deaths next to the obvious player

Cigarette deaths have been horrific for decades now. With regard to deaths recorded from cannabis They are rare and occur more commonly from large amounts of biomass crushing an individual. Weeds are as deadly as bricks. While industrial hemp, as well as the poor formulations in THC vape pens, have been responsible for many deaths in recent years.

E-cigarettes, nicotine e-cigarettes and cannabis-related products caused 68 deaths and resulted in 2,807 injuries. One factor in any vape comes down to construction and installation. And in the case of vaping-related injuries, poorly formulated vaping oils are almost entirely responsible. Aside from vitamin acetate, another flavoring agent may cause popcorn lung. However, keep in mind that acetyl cannabinoids such as THC-o-acetate can also produce a toxic gas when vaporized.

The Juul vape device, now banned in the US by the FDA.

cannabis in the stream

Oregon recently banned all cannabis produced by synthetic means, which would include delta-8 along with other isomers. Delta-8 THC is chemically converted from chopsticks-derived Convention on Biological Diversity. This means that laws covering THC isomers in the United States have been pivotal – classifying the plant as either hemp or cannabis.

In Canada the future vape pens Dedicated to hemp and even Delta 8 THC dependent on multiple laws. First, there is the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) which includes Canadian cannabis regulations. Second, the Tobacco and E-cigarette Products Act places cannabinoids and nicotine under the same umbrella.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

Nicotine binds especially spot On the acetylcholinesterase (ACH) receptors. Activation of nicotinic receptors leads to depolarization and an increase in calcium currents. THC isomers oppose this effect. However, how Delta-8 THC affects humans is still not well known in the literature. But regulators are more specifically interested in clinical trials that were previously restricted to THC due to ban.

Delta-8 THC pharmacology study, highlights what happens to cannabis After consumption, is a great move. As time progresses, science will continue to separate cannabis and nicotine laws into their respective categories for the future of e-cigarette pens and, hopefully, the entire market.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the FDA’s decision to ban Juul’s e-cigarettes. What do you think of the future of the young cannabis market without clinical trial support?


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