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Viridis Laboratories continues to fight for the safety of Michigan’s cannabis consumers

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Viridis COO and founder Todd W. Welch sent an email on June 17 with a statement addressing the company’s values ​​and recent information disclosed regarding the CRA.

“These CRA allegations against Viridis date back to last August and remain unfounded, unfounded and completely disconnected from the science, facts and data,” the statement read. “We intend to defend our actions against these false allegations during court proceedings and to demonstrate the retaliatory and retaliatory nature of the TRA’s actions clearly intended to cause maximum disruption and damage.”

“The results of a court-ordered aptitude test held by Viridis, which the CRA has been withholding, would directly conflict with these results, and we are confident that the truth will prevail when all the facts emerge,” the statement continued. We hope that these legal actions will pave the way for more transparency, accountability and reforms in the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. We hope that one day CRA can achieve its true mission of advancing patient and product safety rather than unfairly targeting Michigan companies trying to grow, compete and create jobs.”

The email also shared that nearly all of the company’s customers are back, with 63 new customers added. The company supports testing of nearly 62% of the state flower.

CRA (Formerly called MRAor the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, as of April 2022) has issued a recall for products tested by Viridis and Viridis North laboratories in November 2021with claims that Viridis products contain “inaccurate and/or reliable results” for products analyzed in the range of August 10 and November 16, 2021. This resulted in an estimated US dollar recall.229 million product value.

The Islamic Commerce Department claimed that Viridis’ testing methods were “unreliable” and “inaccurate”, to which Viridis responded by filing a lawsuit to the Claims Tribunal against the MRA on November 23.

by December 3, the court ruled that the CRA must release half of the accused products, which were tested by Viridis North, LLC. Verdis Attorney General Kevin Blair praised the court’s decision, even if it “was completely groundless to withdraw the lawsuit.” “This ill-advised recall has caused irreparable harm not only to Viridis but to farmers, retailers and consumers across the state. The Department of Foreign Affairs needs to take full responsibility for violating state law, ignoring the advice of respected national experts and causing mass disruption to the industry cannabis in Michigan,” press release.

After months in February 2022More news was received regarding the conduct of the Communications Regulatory Authority. Judge Thomas Cameron issued a judicial opinion that “the issuance of a summons against the Bay City facility was, based on a court review of the record, arbitrary and without merit.”

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that CRA has It instructed its customers not to confiscate illegal cannabis Found in CRA-licensed facilities. New evidence from CRA certifications shared disturbing facts about The inner workings of MRA When it comes to following their own policies.

in WalkSenator Eric Nesbitt questioned the CRA and its management. “I think it hasn’t been communicated well to licensees and it doesn’t look like I had thought about the impact on the broader market before taking action on the recall, and I thought it was very poor and very erratic in executing the summons,” Nisbet said in Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Licensing, Regulatory Affairs/Insurance and Financial Services.

Latest in mayoIn Viridis, the CRA filed formal complaints about the accuracy of THC test results. According to Viridis CEO Greg Michaud, he described the allegations from the TRA as “still unfounded, unfounded and completely disconnected from the science, facts and data”.

Furthermore, Michaud shared that CRA’s Interlaboratory Proficiency Test, obtained by court order, reveals some shocking discoveries about other lab testing facilities in Michigan. Test results are not yet public, but Welch’s email notes that more news will be announced soon.


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