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Army wants hemp sniper clothing

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The House Appropriations Committee Calls for the National Institutes of Health to study the benefits of psychedelic drugs in treating PTSD, depression, and other mental health conditions.

The U.S. military It is looking for contractors who can supply hemp twine to make a new uniform that helps snipers “stay undetected in close proximity to enemy forces”.

Neil deGrasse Tyson He wants to know what other plants besides marijuana can get you high that we don’t know about yet just because no one has come around trying to smoke it.

Auditor General in Arizona A follow-up report concluded that regulators were slow to implement previously recommended changes needed to stop the misallocation of funds from the medical cannabis fund.

ACLU in New Jersey In a new opinion piece, the official argues that restrictive local marijuana licensing policies in municipalities across the state undermine legal equality goals in legalization.

The Transportation Department Comment is requested on the level of interest in making drug testing data publicly available.

Representative Andy Levine (D-MI) He tweeted about the Columbia Truth Commission’s recommendation for drug policy reforms, saying, “I hope the Biden administration and my colleagues in Congress will take this report up. A review of research into nearly 60 years of Colombia’s internal conflict concludes that nearly half a million people have died.” They died, and American politics played a disastrous role. We can and should walk away from our haphazard war on drugs and intimate relationships with human rights abusers.”

Representative Angie Craig (D-MN) Pointing to Minnesota’s new law allowing cannabis-infused foods and beverages, he tweeted, “Cannabis should be federally legalized, decriminalized and responsibly regulated for adult use. In the meantime, I’m glad the state is working on responsible regulation of certain products.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson (right) vetoed the Kratom Regulation Act.

Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for governor, current attorney general Josh Shapiro, tweeted, “The majority of Pennsylvanians support marijuana legalization, the boost it’s going to bring into our economy. Tell you what, let’s win this race for Pennsylvania governor so we can get it done.”

Minnesota The Deputy Governor tweeted, “Proud @Tim_Walz signed this important law legalizing food but there is more to do. We must work to legalize adult use of cannabis *and* erase marijuana convictions. It makes Minnesota a fairer place to live and helps strengthen the our economy.”

Alaska Regulators have amended the rules for returning commercial marijuana licenses after non-renewal.

Oregon The organizers are calling on the state’s congressional delegation to support the passage of banking marijuana legislation as a priority.

Washington State Organizers have issued guidelines on calculating the paths between rows of cannabis plants in calculating the size of the canopy.

Michigan Regulators have issued guidelines for marijuana tinctures.

Mississippi Regulators sent a reminder that they will begin accepting medical cannabis dispensary license applications on Tuesday.

Vermont Regulators will consider recommendations for approval of prequalification for marijuana licensing, full licensing and the state of social justice on Wednesday.


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