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Can cannabis help a person quit smoking cigarettes?

It is widely known that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tobacco causes one in five deaths in the United States

While there have been some positive results from anti-smoking campaigns that have helped reduce the number of new smokers in recent years, nothing comes close to curing nicotine addiction today.

There are all kinds of products on the market that try to help nicotine addicts stay away from tobacco, including patches, chewing gum, lozenges, and pills.

In recent years, some have started turning to cannabis in the form of CBD gum and even THC. But can these hemp-derived foods really help you quit smoking.

Recent studies have shown that CBD has been effective in helping with cigarette withdrawal and reducing an individual’s desire to smoke. A study from University College London found that using CBD helped reduce nicotine cravings almost immediately.

“The study found that after a single dose of CBD, heavy daily smokers find smoking-related cues less visually appealing.” I mentioned the university.

CBD and its relationship to smoking cessation have spawned many brands marketing cannabis gum to those trying to quit smoking. When it comes to THC, there has been very little research done in general.

Furthermore, since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level in the US, it is much easier to promote CBD, which has been widely welcomed and believed to have very few negative side effects.

When one looks at some of the medical marijuana benefits and points out the major side effects of nicotine withdrawal, it becomes easy to see why some people are turning to marijuana to help quit smoking.

according to National Cancer InstituteSome of the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal include irritability, restlessness, anxiety and depression. It can be difficult to overcome any of these symptoms alone, but combine them all at once, and one can feel debilitated.

Coincidentally, some marijuana benefits have been reported Including alleviating depression and anxiety.

Regarding insomnia, people in the United States have used small amounts of weed to sleep on restless nights for generations. Many of the perceived benefits of marijuana appear to be directly beneficial to those suffering from severe nicotine withdrawal. But with limited research and a federal ban, it is still difficult to determine if THC can definitely help a person quit smoking.

If a person decides to try THC as part of their nic quit journey, food is likely the logical choice, because smoking a joint rather than a cigarette doesn’t exactly constitute the whole idea of ​​”quitting.”

However, cannabis eaters may not be very effective in treating nicotine withdrawal, as it turns out, because it often takes upwards of one to two hours to start producing any symptom-relieving effects.

This may not be the case now, after several US manufacturers have released fast-acting foodstuffs.

These newly popular, fast-acting foods use various scientific techniques, such as emulsification, to get THC into a person’s system more quickly, reflecting the rise in smoking rather than the late rise of traditional eating.

Just as with nearly all aspects of cannabis research, more analysis is needed on whether or not marijuana can help addicts to nicotine and other dangerous and addictive substances.

However, if someone happens to reside in a US state where cannabis is legal and is willing to take smoking cessation seriously, it may be worth considering having fast-acting foods on hand whenever the urge arises to go out and buy a pack of smokes.

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