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Cannabis Rights in Canada Crossword Puzzle

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Last weekend was Canada Day…or as it is known in the stonemason community, cannabis day. It is a time of the year when we celebrate where we live, and express our gratitude for the privileges bestowed upon us. While life in Canada is far from perfect, the laws of our country continue to advance; It reflects more than what people want. When it comes to hemp, this couldn’t be more true. In honor of Canada Day and the country’s legal progress, here’s a crossword puzzle for cannabis rights in Canada. Try it. It’s not that difficult.

This puzzle will not only test past laws, there are many questions related to the present. Thus, do a crossword puzzle to refresh yourself about your rights (something we can all use from time to time). Find all written answers below

Canadian cannabis law in the past

In 1923, cannabis was added to the list of prohibited drugs classified under the Opium and Narcotics Act. Remembered as “Father ban‘, Prime Minister Mackenzie King pushed for the legislation to be passed; This makes Canada one of the first countries to legally ban cannabis.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King, father of the Canadian ban

In 2000, courts ruled that Canadians had a constitutional right to use cannabis as medicine. This change in the law gave patients the right to use only buds and plant materials.

Back in 2012 at Victoria BC, A medical cannabis Bakery set by police. A cookie baker, Owen Smith, was arrested and charged with trafficking. Fortunately, he fought the charges. Thanks to a 2015 court decision by R v Smith, medical cannabis can be us in any form. Instead of only being able to access dried flowers, the right to use them eaterLegal Topics and Focuses in Canadian Law.

Owen Smith – Image courtesy of The Times Colonist

Canadian Cannabis Laws Today – Your Rights

On October 17, 2018, entertainment Cannabis has been legalized in Canada. If you are of legal age and traveling within Canada, you can own up to thirty grams of dried cannabis (including domestic flights). When it comes to fire in British Columbia, you can smoke cannabis anywhere you can smoke tobacco. If you go camping, you can bring weeds. According to Parks Canada, cannabis can be consumed on a rented camping site; Your space is granted the same rights as your own dwelling.


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