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Team Kentucky’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee hosts first town hall meeting

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KENTUCKY (WFIE) – Kentucky Cannabis Medical Advisory Committee TeamThe goal is to collect and then provide information about the legalization of medical cannabis to Governor Andy Bashir, and to provide expertise on the matter to management.

As city council meetings kicked off Wednesday night, 14 News spoke with a medical cannabis advocate, Deb DeSpain, a thyroid cancer survivor and registered nurse.

DeSpain is also a member of the American Cannabis Nursing Association.

She says marijuana and hemp have helped her feel better overall.

“After I had cancer, they removed my thyroid, treated me with radioactive iodine, and after that I was never able to tolerate the medication,” Despain says.

DeSpain says she has taken many different prescriptions and drugs to deal with the pain and recover from her various health issues, but cannabis and hemp have helped her off many of the pills.

“So I tried, and I tried it, and it made me feel better in many ways,” DeSpain says.

Attorney Grace Henderson has been fighting for medical marijuana legalization for years.

Henderson says she’s glad Governor Bashir and his team are making progress in winning over public opinion, but for people like her and DeSpain, they can’t wait for things to be legalized.

“Saying we need to stop and do more research on whether or not this can help people, and when we know it can help people, it still stops him from helping the people who need it most,” Henderson says.

Henderson and DeSpain believe there are countless others like them, living in what they call a “cannabis closet,” but they believe that if these people were to communicate and be honest, and advocate on their side, medical marijuana use could be legalized quickly and efficiently. .

“You don’t have to have cancer to wear a pink ribbon, and you don’t have to use cannabis in order to support me,” Henderson says.

Henderson and Despin hope that one day soon, they won’t be considered criminals because they gave themselves what they say is just medicine.

I am a criminal. Do I feel like a criminal? Do I feel like I have to be? Absolutely not,” Despain says.

For information about the committee and meetings, click here.

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