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EIHA: Future goals?

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Since they are based in Brussels itself (“Washington DC for the EU”), and have professional staff that are accustomed to doing this in other industries, here are my suggestions for European Industrial Hemp AssociationContinuing Member Service:

  • lobby for joint farming program (CAP) to include subsidies for cannabis seed and flower growers
  • Obtaining a financial grant, especially for seed-for-food development projects
  • Developing local sourcing of edible hemp seeds as a priority for food security
  • Integrating cannabis cultivation and processing in EIP-AGRI Programs, focus groups and operational
  • Obtaining grant funding to promote and train hemp seed foods among product developers, chefs and institutional feeders
  • No THC test if approved varieties are used
  • All natural hemp flower products are exempt from Food novel Registration, especially in light of the recent period Polish court + Canavabi provisions
  • 1% maximum THC for plants and products (complies with Poland and Switzerland), max 3000ppm with THC for foods (complies with US law)
  • The simplified centralized seed registration and approval system is not dependent on national authorities
  • Laboratory tests of products available to consumers
  • Adoption of hemp seed husks and protein powder in feeders for national institutions such as prisons and schools
  • EU to buy coated hemp seeds for feed in Disasters and emergencies
  • Lobbying for grants and other programs to encourage the adoption of hemp seeds in the diets of Member States as well as to fund the propagation of seeds needed for this effort
  • Allow cannabis flower products including seeds to be used as animal feed
  • Financing the development of non-woven products, especially from non-traditional cannabis Fiber namely marijuana bushes and CBD

He buys canaba
Italy enjoys the most gains by focusing on hemp seed foods and using a national branding strategy for exports; To this end, it must finance the construction of at least one bombing and oil pressing plant. Otherwise it remains at the mercy of CBD traders as it has in the United States, though.”hemp light“In thousands of stores they can also carry hemp foods.

(I’m posting this here as an open letter rather than directly to the EIHA despite my contracts in hemp and actually being in the European industrial hemp industry for years, I’m dead to EU industrial hemp until I pay them €2,500 per year to be a member. This is despite having activity A non-profit business that distributes 10,000 breaking news publications annually on the cannabis plant, but does not charge anyone a single penny. Gus Bidens. But if you put it here, someone will catch his eye. They always do.)


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