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Strain-ger Things: 11 Herbs Like Purple Palm Tree Delight

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“The fruit on your pizza is freak, you say? Well, I say try before you deny it.”

The last two episodes of Stranger Things 4 It’s fallen on Netflix, and one character we can’t get enough of is Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco. Besides having a luxurious head of flowy hair and some stunning individual liners, Argyle has shown the signs of a true self-care king by frequently going to his truck and lighting up his favorite soothing ray, purple palm tree joy.

Unfortunately, the Purple Palm Tree Delight is completely fictional at this point in history, and cannot be found in a file clinic near you. But the good news is that we have similar strains to Purple Tree Delight based on our smart (also known as binge-watch) observations of Stranger Things 4 and we have Extensive breed database.

Check out the strains that we think most closely resemble Purple Palm Tree Delight because of their names, pedigrees, flavors, or effects:

Purple Punch

Purple Punch They are a breed created from two pointers, which makes them a great choice for getting back to sleep after you’ve dreamed of being chased by a Demodog or something equally scary.

Stress provides mind-body relaxing effects that can help you catch some good zzz or fight the nausea you feel about the idea of ​​these kids coming back upside down. once again.

Grape gasoline

Grape gasoline smells strong of grapes with hints of diesel, which makes us think it is Aloud like pptd. This is thanks to his ratio as a mixture between grape pie And the Jet Fuel Gelato.

Leafly reviewers report that this rich in myrcene The strain is a powerful and wonderful treatment that still allows them to relax, and we think there’s a good chance you’ll try Argyle.

Forbidden fruit

Something reminds us of the Purple Palm Tree Delight forbidden fruit. Probably because both dynasties voted fruity It is tropical and famous for its purple colours. We recommend Forbidden Fruit for spending some serious time on the sofa thinking about life’s toughest questions like: “Will I really follow my friends into a demonic dimension to save the world in 2022?”

Violet Delight

This is too similar for us not to mention. Violet Delight Perhaps it was just part of the inspiration for the Purple Palm Tree Delight with purple clumps, relaxing effects, and an obvious name similarity.

This hybrid breed is also known for being a stress reliever and putting a smile on your face, which, frankly, sounds like Argyle’s entire life philosophy.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple It has a reputation for being a stressor with calming effects, so we hope this isn’t the case very close As Argyle smokes while operating his pizza delivery truck. Still, very rarely purple menu Grandfather should not include them all. Or should we call her, Papa Purple?

Purple Pineapple Express

We’re sure you can see how this one made the list too. Not only are both the purple strains pretty and reminiscent of an island vacation, but Purple Pineapple Express It is exactly the type of breed that spurs eating that we can see it as the inspiration for the Purple Palm Tree Delight and Argyle’s pizza-loving ways

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