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In fact, the fermentation process is preparing to introduce Two Good, a seltzer infused with THC

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Minneapolis – Summer in Already brewing In Northeast Minneapolis it means yard time at the newly renamed Beer Yard along with an active train track.

“It was just a parking lot and now it’s an extended patio,” said Ryan Bundy, Experience Manager, surrounded by an impressive array of hanging flower baskets.

The company has been brewing handcrafted beer for nearly a decade, and this summer for the first time, it will introduce a THC seltzer machine now that foods and beverages containing THC were legalized in Minnesota on July 1 of this year.

“The first thing we’ll choose is a 2-mg-THC, 2-mg-CBD drink,” said Pandey. “2 mg is a fairly low dose. It’s definitely something we think about a lot and talk about a lot internally at the moment is: How do we do this in the most responsible way?”

To start, he says, the lavender-and-lemon flavored drink called “Two Good” won’t be available on tap at the brewery, but rather will be sold in ready-to-use cans.

“We’re doing that with our beer now, too,” Bundy said. “We have a bunch of growers and stuff you can’t drink here, so it’s just a means of communication when they buy it. You need to make sure they know it’s ready to use, and, ‘Hey, how about I keep that behind the bar until you leave?” ”

Most adults know how their bodies respond to some types of beer. But little THC Seltzers? We turned to Dr. Ann Philbrick From the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. She has experience in medical cannabis.

“If I was a first-time user of any THC or, you know, maybe even a CBD drink, I would definitely say first: moderation,” Philbrick said. “You might have a problem with piling up, right? So if you had one drink full of THC, you might think, ‘It didn’t affect me that much at all,’ and a couple of hours later you might be in really bad shape.”

Philbrick emphasized that everyone’s reaction is different, and said she praised End Brewing’s slow serving of drinks. Meanwhile, Pandey says he expects to get a mix of first-time consumers and cannabis users who may have tried THC infusions in other states that have also legalized it.

“It’s definitely going to be something where we’ll have a lot of people try it for the first time and we know that and we’re excited to be on top just like we’ve had a lot of people try their first handcrafted beer with us,” said Pandey.

Pandey says August 1 is the initial launch date and search for updates online. In fact, the fermentation process will also bring back ‘Lull’, a gaseous CBD-infused liquid that doesn’t include THC. Pandey explained that production started during a legal gray area and stopped in 2020 when the state informed the company that it was against the law. He says sales are legal again.


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