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Telehealth options for Canadians looking to save time and gas

The history of remote care in Canada dates back to 2006, however, not many Canadians know what services are available to them.

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One reason for our lack of knowledge may be that only four percent of physicians offered virtual video visits to their patients in 2019.

More telehealth services began appearing in Canada a few years before the outbreak, but the epidemic This led to their rapid growth.

While some options are privatized, which leads to additional costs, the price may be worth it if you are looking to save time and Gas. Private options may also be worth looking at if your business does not provide health coverage, especially if you are a user gig or a contract worker.

Here are 12 major telehealth providers in Canada that can provide support for physical and mental health.


background: Founded in 2006, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world.

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ServicesAside from specialist advice, OTN offers a retinal examination for diabetes and a palliative care program.

OTN also offers self-managed virtual care, such as Psychological health Training and support for gambling addiction.

costsOTN: OTN is a non-profit organization funded by the Government of Ontario.

Tia Health

background: Tia Health was founded in 2018.

Services: In addition to regular online visits, Tia has professionals in areas such as dermatology, pediatrics, psychiatry, physical therapy, and medical cannabis licensing.

Tia has also partnered with several pharmacies to allow patients to get a prescription from a pharmacy near their home.

Tia Health is free in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta, with a valid health card. However, fees start at $30 elsewhere in Canada.

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background: Launched in 2016 by an emergency doctor who diagnoses his friends via text messages.

Services: Maple, which also has an app, has an expensive list of specialists.

Patients can get support from experts in areas such as dermatology, mole mapping, COVID-19 testing, psychotherapy and allergy and immunology.

Pricing starts at $49 per visit on weekdays and $79 per visit on weekends and holidays.

There is also the option to pay $30 per month, which can secure 30 visits per year with a GP.

VirtualClinics +

background: Launched in March 2020 by WELL Health Technologies Corp. WELL also acquired INSIG Corp. Canada’s leading virtual care platform, which owns and operates the Tia Health group of virtual clinics.

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This means that WELL owns both Tia and VritualClinics+.

Services: As you can guess from its name, VirtualClinics+ provides online clinic services.

It’s free for residents of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario with a valid health card. However, costs for residents outside of these three counties start at $30.

TELUS Health MyCare

background: TELUS Health MyCare mobile application launched in 2019.

ServicesTELUS: TELUS was created to serve Canadians who do not have a family doctor or those seeking after-hours medical care.

Patients can also book appointments with a mental health counselor and dietitian.

Virtual consultations with physicians are available to all residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as employees covered by TELUS Health MyCare Business.

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Alternatively, patients who do not have provincial health insurance in these counties can access virtual consultations for $70 each.


backgroundFounded in 2016, GOeVist allows patients to describe their symptoms using their phones, tablets, or computers.

Patients can also receive diagnosis and treatment from a Canadian medical practitioner.

ServicesGOeVisit can diagnose, treat and prescribe treatment for more than 450 illnesses as simple as a cold.

The platform can also provide support for minor injuries and childcare.

In June 2021, GoeVisit – owned by MyCare MedTech Inc. Mental health services to its own medical consultation platform.

For Canadian residents: $10 per month or $99 per year for unlimited visits. For families, $15 per month or $149 per year.

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People can also pay $49.50 to visit. The rate of $49.50 per visit also applies to people who are not Canadian citizens.


background Founded in 2019, Felix offers online doctor access and prescription delivery through its comprehensive telehealth service.

Felix also launched Mental Health Services in 2021.

Services Felix provides sexual, everyday and mental health services.

Sexual health care ranges from providing contraception to treating problems such as cold sores and sexually transmitted diseases.

Everyday health includes treating acne, allergies, hair loss and migraine headaches.

The newly added mental health service deals with anxiety and depression.

Patients can also get prescriptions for up to one year from a refill.

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Focus on mental wellness

background: HASU eCounselling Support was created in 2016, only to be rebranded to Focus Mental Wellness.

ServicesFocusmw.com allows patients to choose a processor for virtual consultations and pay online.

costs: Video and phone sessions start at $95 an hour. Script therapy is $29 per week.

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background: Inkblot Therapy was launched in 2018, and aims to treat Six to nine months The waiting times many mental health patients endure to see a specialist.

Services: Inkblot offers treatment for issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, stress, substance use disorder, depression, postpartum anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADHD.

costsThe first session is free. Subsequent half-hour sessions cost $37.50.


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