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84 Harrington Street in Cape Town, South Africa, was chosen as the tallest building constructed from the hemp plant in the world

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84 Harrington Street in Cape Town, South Africa has been named the tallest building in the world built using hemp concrete blocks and hemp building materials. Developed by Himborium and Afrimat Hemp, the project sets the standard for secure, carbon-neutral, multi-storey skyscraper construction.

Industrial hemp is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa cultivars that was developed primarily for commercial or medicinal purposes. Hemp is one of the plants on Earth that grows the fastest, along with bamboo.

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The desire to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is driving a significant rise in the market for bio-based building materials. Hemp construction is considered the gold standard for carbon dioxide reduction in buildings.

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84 Harrington Street Project Partnership

Previously, hemp concrete was used to build hemp houses in South Africa. However, this was not feasible for a project of size 84 Harrington. Thus, the 12-storey 84 Harrington Street building with a total of 50 apartments is inspired by the hemp blocks created in Europe. These blocks have reportedly been successfully used to market hemp in the construction sector.

Hemporium mentioned the identification of preferred partners in light of the above. The partners are Wolf and Wolf Architects and cannabis ephrem. That’s according to Tony Boden, director and co-founder of Hemporium.

Wolf and Wolf Architects It is a company that specializes in modern and environmentally friendly architecture. Afrimat Hemp on the other hand is a company that focuses on building carbon neutral structures. It also focuses on maximizing the potential of the industrial hemp market.

Advantages of hemp in a multi-storey structure

The Hemporium and Afrimat Hemp collaboration believes that using hemp in a multi-storey structure has many advantages. First, hemp is completely natural, carbon dioxide absorbent, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Second, it provides superior acoustic performance, ensuring privacy between units. Moreover, the material has the ability to absorb and release moisture. This helps control indoor humidity in buildings and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

According to the cooperation, the lower density of hemp also reduces the weight of the walls on the foundations and, as a consequence, reduces the price of concrete.


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