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Expo highlights cannabis extraction education, networking in the Marianas

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From those who grow their own cannabis plants to people who use cannabis extracts to mix into food, this year’s Guam Cannabis Extract Expo attracted a variety of exhibitors at the Hyatt Regency. The expo held on July 10 focused on education, networking and the preparation of legal cannabis around Guam and the Marianas.

Jonathan Guerrero, who runs the YoutTube channel Indoorcannabis671 was one of this year’s exhibitors.

“I want to be able to express my passion for the community and growing cannabis,” he told KUAM News. “So I decided to start a channel and share my education and my trials and errors in the garden to teach the others, the community, how to grow cannabis in your home discreetly without having to go out or go online to look for all the information because google is wide with information. So I narrow it down and help you find those little things that you need to grow your own cannabis in your own home.”

The expo’s main guest speakers included two world-renowned hash experts Nikka T and the Dank Duchess who both shared their knowledge and thoughts on locally grown cannabis and extracts.

Other guest speakers included the Guam Crypto Cannabis Club who spoke on the value of non-fungible tokens or NFT’s and how it’s used to buy legal cannabis products. Attendees also received a free NFT from Cannacomics thanks to the Guam Crypto Cannabis Club.

KUAM news also caught up with Chantel Tingzon, better known as Cannababe671 who shared how she incorporates cannabis into her sweet treats.

“I make a whole bunch of stuff–I love to bake,” she said. “I love to incorporate infusions like cannabutter, THC, infused coconut organic oil and it’s just a bunch of stuff that I love to do for the people of Guam who need it because it’s medicinal.”

Also present at the expo was local UFC fighter Trevin “5 Star” Jones who spoke on why he uses cannabis products.

“I train every day, I don’t take any performance-enhancing supplements, but some days, I’m really too sore and I can’t make it back to gym,” he said. “And sometimes I smoke to go to sleep and sometimes I even smoke to go to training because my body’s so sore. So marijuana really helps relaxes me and ease my mind.”

Attendees got the chance to learn from a variety of experts regarding the cultivation, proper care of cannabis plants and the medicinal properties marijuana holds.

Source: https://www.kuam.com/story/46844891/expo-highlights-cannabis-extract-education-networking-in-the-marianas


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