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Leafly Buzz: 14 of the world’s best retailers for Summer 2022

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The US retail holiday was 7/10 bigger than ever this year, with focused sales jumping 66% above average, according to headphone data. And there’s every reason to keep gas, Leafly State.

Concentrates It was a wild decade. For years, many have been fascinated by the latest Hydrocarbon extraction technology (also known as BHO). People love molasses.

In the end, we had an accident with the hair straightener solventless dabs (aka rosin). By 2017, they were all the rage.

These days, taxes, red tape and competition make it more complicated than ever for oil and gas companies to survive. A former BHO World Champion told me they closed the store due to the economics of doing so.

There is definitely more hashing than ever before. Just check out all the press releases over the past year that you want the world to know they’re doing the retail business now. But once you pass the flood middle With questionable commercial viability, you’ll find your way into the heat.

We are very confident that all of the extracts on this list are at the top of the mountain of excellence. From cookie dough to Pre-rollsto the most soluble DissolvesWe have the goods to last 7/10 all summer.

Hassan Strawberry Limited 159 m – 90

Let me see the tootsie roll: Bubbles Strawberry Limeaid hash of good.  (Jimmy Devine/Leafly)
Let me see the tootsie roll: Bubbles Strawberry Limeaid hash of good. (good courtesy)

Heading to Europe this summer? The first thing many will notice when exposed to the cannabis scene in Catalonia is that cannabis is generally of higher quality across the board than most flower. But then you meet the guys who really have the best flower – like the competitive California flower – and you see the true European mountaintop for concentrates. Hassan That man was. Not only was every pot of cannabis shown to us among the best we’ve seen in spanabisbut the Iberian Roentz It was also probably the best flower we’ve seen yet Ego Clash Winner Z-cube.

Kiva Hash Infused S’mores bar

Kiva is moving towards retail foods and away from distillate And all the other weird concoctions people have come up with to put weed in things are awesome. why? It shows even the biggest dogs can do just that. This retail bougie only looked like a few years ago, but now things like Kiva’s S’mores Bar Make it the norm. It’s a much better body than the cheap oils that many food companies use.

Cosmic Edibles dough

Not since California voters have put a 100-milligram food ban on us has made such edible hype in the cannabis game. Worse yet, we would have gotten this cake dough Years ago if the founder’s friends didn’t convince him to cook it. Maybe you’re asking yourself salmonella questions, just. But do not be afraid! It is vegan and perfectly fine to eat raw. It’s also loaded with hashtags from world champions multiple times in kalia extracts!

22 Red Arizona Babango Punch

Shavo Odajian does his job on the road but leaves his bass at home. The guitarist continues to expand his three-year-old company to multiple states. Our pick for the inaugural 22Reds drop focus in Arizona is papango punch. 22Red indicated that it is made with three purple strains of modified grapes, a grapevine milkshake, and purple apricots. As the world begins to lean toward solvent-free, the gorgeous violet is one of those things that doesn’t wash off. They didn’t do well during the meltdown era. But when it comes to wet hydrocarbons thrips They do a good job, and Arizona should be ready for a full-body, indica-tipped height.

Kalya x Alien Labs Sherbanger f2 #11

Some of the best hash collaborations in recent memory have come from Alien Labs and Kalia Pairing to make heat. Their latest effort, which will be hitting shelves soon across California, is no different. Among the new line-up, internal sources tell us about the Sherbanger F2 #11 (Sherbert sunset x headbanger) is the one to watch out for. Since Kalia has been a multi-time world champion, and Alien Labs’ Ted has helped judge the hydrocarbon side of The Emerald Cup over the past few years, if they’re excited, you should be excited.

Hash and honey flowers and bananas

In the hype hurricane that was 2021, few brands jumped to the top faster in any sector of the cannabis industry than Retail and flowers. There is an argument to make just that flower mills It was an even more explosive year on the scene. This rise was supported by the banana honey treps pheno They went to pair with a lot of other cool stuff. Other recent features include Wilson F3 and better watermelon zkilets I have seen so far. Also, they are all competitively priced compared to roses of similar quality.

Sunset contact the temple ball

In honor of the late, adorable Frenchy Cannoli, we’ve got some Temple Balls in the mix. Before his death, the Frenchie was the best solvent-free hash extraction guru in the world as he taught technology and traditions that brought him back from the high mountain passes of Asia. The sunset hook The staff is among the students of the Frenchie and the best representation of the old school hash processing technologies available in the California recreational market. It differs a lot from BHO and rosin, but the temple ball party is without a doubt an experience any true retail enthusiast should cross off their bucket list. Rest in peace, Frenchie!

Heritage Whitethorn Rose Rosen

Had it not been for one of Papaya’s best performances ever, Whitethorn Rose would have taken first place in both the Rosin and Water Hash categories at The Emerald Cup. Whitethorn rose legacy Processed in some of the year’s finest hash from Huckleberry Hill Farms. It’s a family cut farm cut that they’ve passed on through the generations and her sister Alpheno has tested over 50 different turbines. Now that it’s so desirable if you see a Whitethorn Rose hash anywhere that pulls the trigger quickly, there isn’t much to roam around.

Hash Hole Fidel

Era inspired by Barcelona fragmentation hole It is upon us. What’s the story? Fidel watched some local enthusiasts roll in celebration of their herbs made from America on a trip to Spain before the pandemic. He brought the concept back to California and now collaborates with some of the state’s best growers. Although it is the most expensive, it does fly. Fidel opens his new facility in Adelanto. Once planting is in place, pre-loaded rosin rolls will be accessible to the masses.

The original Z Zeuz Pod

If there was a picture of a last supper of the people who brought us terpenes of generation, Original Z The team will get two seats at the table. What’s the point of having some of the best flavors in the world if you’re going to skimp, though, and they’ve turned to the best of C-cell technology to bring thrips to the wider masses. The Zeuz pod has been firmly entrenched at the top of the vape market since its launch last fall and doesn’t look like it’s been kicked off the mountaintop anytime soon.

Travel Paisley Acres Tagalong

Thin mint x (Bruce Banner x Apollo) from breeding Tweet embed It’s an absolute heater and some of the best hash we’ve seen from the Midwest this year. It has the fiercest cheese you can imagine. It’s honestly hard to believe it’s a file biscuit A cross and not something out of a weird dairy can where the cows only drank beer or something.

Unobtainium Artisan Floristry (UAF) Z-Cube Hash

More commonly known as Tweet embed On Instagram, UAF produces some of the best flowers in Spain. And since the best flowers produce the best hash, it is not surprising that the water hash they showed us Z-cube who won Ego Clash Barcelona This is March. Actual wash done by hahahaha Who ranked second? rosin masters this year. Probably the best Z focus I’ve ever seen wasn’t straight out of Mendocino County and it was really a literal hash in every sense of the word.

Pre-roll crystallized suppers

team in Superies Superies and sister company royal key He reigned from the top of the hydrocarbon platform for years. They’ve now moved away from the molasses that made them famous to focus on their equally exotic flowers, while taking their solvent-free game to the next level. The pre-coils are made using an in-house technology that they say allows them to infuse the joints with vivid 3D heads prior to packaging. Expect these things to gain traction in the market quickly.

Bisel grape octane

If you’re a BH-NO and still here, get ready to celebrate this year’s Emerald Cup Champions, longtime killers in Beezle excerpt. For 7/10 we recommend you check Beezle’s Grape Octane live resin hasten. It’s a collaboration processed with fresh materials from Luma Farms out of Petaluma, California. Expect to enjoy an earthy grape/purple flavor reminiscent of some of Granddaddy’s scents from a decade ago. It also brings a high percentage of sedatives.

And that’s it — 14 hashtags, to be tried from this side of the Atlantic to the other. I hope you have a stoney 7/10, may thrips be with you. The Leafly Buzz returns to collect the West Coast fire flower this August!

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