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New Jersey Cannabis Workers Union, Four More Big Companies Negotiate Contracts

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Four major cannabis companies are negotiating contracts to consolidate their New Jersey workforce to bring the total to half a dozen multi-state companies, according to the president of UFCW – Local 360.

Since the sale of recreational marijuana Launched statewide last April, Two of the eight major cannabis companies that now sell both medicinal and adult weed have completely vanished.

“Collectively, this means there are about 250 new workers under the union umbrella,” he said. Hugh GiordanoUFCW-Local 360 Director Who

Represents New Jersey’s cannabis workers, as well as retail, hospital, manufacturing, and other public sector employees.

ascend AAWHAnd the space ACRHFAnd the Colombia care CCHWFAnd the GTI GTII They are among those negotiating with UFCW-Local 360.

“We hope that all contracts, which are currently being negotiated, will be signed by Labor Day,” Giordano added. “That’s our goal. In this way, what better way to celebrate Labor Day than your first union decade. To me, that reinforces what that day represents.”

The importance of unions

Earlier this year, Verano Holdings VRNOFthen under the banner of Zen Leaf, signed a collective bargaining agreement for its dispensaries in Lawrence and Elizabeth, among other growth sites across the state.

The Garden State Clinic (GSD), which opened in 2016 to sell medical cannabis, debuted as a syndicate store at both of its dispensaries and is growing locations. last yearGSD was acquired by AYR . Wellness (OTC: AYRWF) And last June expanded AYR dispensaries — located in Eatontown, Union and Woodbridge — for sale. recreational cannabis.

“The successful and profitable launch and expansion of the adult weed has been to the benefit of the workers. In its first month, the fledgling industry in the state generated $24 million in revenue from sales of adult weed at twelve locations,” Giordano said.

He added that 16 locations sell medical and recreational marijuana, “with four more on the horizon awaiting final state and local approvals.” In addition to, TerrAscend TRSSF – In Lodi – Awaiting the opening date of the parent company.

“What we do now can Impact on the future generation of workers in terms of working conditions, educational training, self-care with health benefits and retirement plans so that they get guaranteed and paid vacations,” He said Giordano. “It will set the tone for the future. We create workplace conditions suitable for working class and salaried occupations.

“There is no second chance to defend themselves,” Giordano added. “This is it. This will be a long-term movement. New Jersey will be a national leader in defining consistency, quality, and reliability for products and services.”

Giordano said he’s after Coralif (OTC: CURLF) and TerrAscend TRSSF Companies “to acquire all eight original MSOs that have applied to sell weed with the union flag’s State Cannabis Regulatory Commission.”

“Curaleaf is in discussion with the UFCW solely as a result of New Jersey regulations requiring a labor peace agreement.” Koralev said.

Berry Bird Former patient care consultant Verano Zen LeafAnd the Responsible for regulating cannabis workers at UFCW International – He said it “really strengthened for me what the union can do for workers and what workers can do for themselves.”

Rob Mejia – Assistant Professor at Department of Cannabis Studies at Stockton University – . said The main reasons why an employee would want to work in the cannabis business as a union employee is to protect workers (due to unreasonable demands, unsafe working conditions, dismissal without cause) and high wages and generally good benefits.”

Mejia concluded that “there are cannabis companies that treat their employees well and pay above-market wages and in those cases there is little demand for unions.”
Image source: Joel Muniz On Unsplash

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