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Cannabis use leads to more hospital visits: study

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A new Canadian study reported that 22% more people who used cannabis were hospitalized or went to emergency rooms than those who did not participate.

According to Canadian study By BMJ Open Respiratory Research, 22% more people who used cannabis were hospitalized or went to emergency rooms than those who did not participate.

The research was led by researchers at Unity Health Toronto and ICES, an independent, not-for-profit research institute formerly known as the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences of Canada. Their study was on Ontarians aged 12-65 between January 1, 2009 – December. 31, 2015.

“Our research demonstrates that cannabis use in the general population is associated with an increased risk of clinically serious adverse outcomes, specifically, the need to present to the emergency department or admission to hospital,” said lead author Dr. Nicholas Fuzores, a lung specialist at St. Michael and an associate scientist at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Knowledge said in a press release.

“Unlike tobacco, there is some uncertainty or controversy regarding the adverse health effects of cannabis. Some individuals may perceive that cannabis has some health benefits and is harmless. Our research highlights for those who use — or are considering using — cannabis, that this is linked to significant negative health events.”

The study sought to determine whether there was an association between marijuana use and hospitalization or emergency room visits that were associated with lung problems.

“Our research findings support that healthcare professionals and government should discourage recreational cannabis consumption in the general population. Given the context of cannabis decriminalization in Canada, which is very likely to facilitate broader use of this product in the population, more efforts should be made from health and political leaders To educate citizens and remind them of the harmful effects of cannabis on health,” Fusoris said.


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