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Chewing gum and chewing gums are available on August 1 for medical cannabis patients

Patients enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program will be eligible to purchase chewing gum and chewing gum from state medical cannabis dispensaries beginning August 1.

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In preparation for the change, registered patients interested in these medicinal cannabis products can schedule a consultation with a cannabis dispensary pharmacist for pre-approval to purchase chewing gum and chewing gum on August 1.

“The state’s medical cannabis program continues to respond to patients’ needs, and chewing gum and chewing gums may be useful options for those who may have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, do not want to smoke medical cannabis, or do not like the taste of other forms of medicine,” said the Minnesota Health Commissioner. Jean Malcolm.

Medical cannabis chewing gums and chews separate from the edible cannabis products derived from hemp and are regulated by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

Under the state’s medical cannabis program guidelines, counseling is required when a patient changes the type of medical cannabis they receive. Both medical cannabis manufacturers are currently scheduling consultations. Patients should visit their dispensary website for details (see green goods or rise dispensaries).

It is highly recommended to make an appointment at a medical cannabis dispensary before August 1.

The latest options for medical cannabis patients were approved last year during the Minnesota Department of Health’s annual petition and comment process for public input on potential eligible medical conditions and drug delivery methods for the medical cannabis program. This year’s petition process is accepting petitions through July 31 (see Petitions Process for Addition of Eligible Medical Conditions and Delivery Methods).

To become a patient in a medical cannabis program, a person must be certified by an Associate Healthcare Practitioner in at least one of 17 eligible medical conditions. More information about the registration process is available at Medical cannabis office website.

The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program has added the dried flower as an option for patients age 21 and older, effective March 1 of this year. Enrollment in the program has increased steadily since the program launched in 2015, according to Minnesota medical cannabis dashboard.


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