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Biden declared that “no one should be in prison for using marijuana.”

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During a brief press appearance last Saturday, July 16, President Biden shout out some answers Reporters upon returning to the White House aboard Marine One.

A reporter asked him, among other questions, if he would honor his campaign pledge to release all marijuana prisoners in federal facilities. (Biden has the power to move or pardon prisoners in the federal prison system, but not in state prisons.)

His answer: “I don’t think anyone should be in jail for marijuana use. We’re working on a crime bill right now.”

Biden’s answer was… baffling.

As president, Biden has the power to commute or pardon nearly anyone for any crime or punishment within the federal justice system. Doesn’t need a crime bill. He does not need a single vote in Congress to do so. All he needs is a pen to sign the decree.

Q: The Saudi foreign minister is lying to President Biden? The Saudi foreign minister said he had not heard that you were accusing the crown prince of killing Khashoggi. Is he telling the truth?

The President: No.

Q: Do you regret the fist bump, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: Why don’t you guys talk about something important? I am happy to answer an important question.

Q: Will inflation go down from here Mr. President?

The President: I hope. We’ll know in the next few weeks.

Q: President Biden, will you honor your campaign pledge to release all marijuana inmates in prison?

THE PRESIDENT: I ​​don’t think that should – I don’t think anyone in a private place – should be anyone in prison for using marijuana. We’re working on a crime bill now. Thank you.


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