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National Center for Disease Control warns Nigerians of Marburg virus in Ghana

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It’s the middle of the rainy season, so colds and flu are in full swing, and with people starting to not wear masks while out in public, we’re likely to be exposed to more germs than if everyone else was wearing masks. If there was ever a time to take control of your health, it would be now. There are different ways to do this just by making small changes in your life and home.

Don’t forget the dust traps

There are many areas in your home that are huge dust traps and prime spots for germs to breed in. You may not want to think about it, but your sheets, pillows, and leggings can be full of dead skin cells and unwanted, tiny germs. Dust mites that increase your risk of allergies, hay fever and asthma. If anyone in your family has hay fever or allergies, try to keep your home as dust-free as possible, advises Owazi Angbalaga, Country Manager of Home Cleaning Service, Sweep South Nigeria.

Carpets and rugs attract a lot of dust and dirt, so be sure to clean them regularly. Even air pollutants like pollen, fungi, and cigarette smoke get trapped in carpet fibers and can trigger allergies and eczema flare-ups, so clean carpets and rugs at least twice a week, and more so in high-traffic areas. Consider using a service like Sweepsouth, which will provide a household cleaner to help treat hard-to-reach areas, such as under sofas, behind refrigerators, and above curtains. Angbalaga suggests a good cleaning tip is to set the vacuum cleaner to a low setting to give the curtains a one-time quick to remove dust, while a clothes steamer can be used on the curtains to refresh them.

Eat seasonal vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that are stored for a long time during transportation lose large amounts of nutritional value. This is why eating fruits and vegetables in season is better for your health.

Chef Norman Heath of the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront agrees: “The freshest produce in season is rich in nutrients and tastes better than anything imported. Not only that, but it’s better for the environment as well, which works better for everyone’s long-term health.”

“It will support local farms, local markets and local employment, all with one option to buy in season,” he adds.


Meditation and deep breathing are something that everyone can easily do for their health. He. She Reduces stress Which in turn has endless benefits for your overall health. Stress suppresses the immune system and increases blood pressure, among other things.

Calm your mind by taking a deep breath, taking a longer exhale than inhaling for a few minutes. Follow this by focusing on relaxing every part of your body, de-stressing as you progress. You can do this whenever you feel stressed, but it is also a very effective way to help you sleep at night.

Invest in a good rank

Getting a good night’s rest should be at the top of our agenda for a healthy lifestyle, and an important part of achieving this is getting a comfortable mattress. A good mattress supports your entire body while you sleep, keeps your spine in a neutral position, you won’t run a race without the right shoes, or climb a mountain without the right gear, but despite the fact that we spend up to a third of a day sleeping, we often don’t think In how old, or inadequately supported, bedding affects the quality of our sleep.

With so many different types of beds to choose from, do your research when choosing the right bed for you. If you suffer from back pain or allergies, for example, a foam or latex mattress may be your best bet, or a soft mattress may not give you enough support, in which case a medium to firm mattress is more comfortable.

Check your family medical history

Maintain and protect your health in the long term by knowing if your family suffers from any serious health conditions. It’s especially important to know if there is a history of blood clots, says Dr. Helen Okoye of the World Thrombosis Day Steering Committee. Worldwide, more people succumb to life-threatening conditions due to thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot in a blood vessel, than the total number of people who lose their lives to AIDS, breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined, each year.

You’re more likely to develop blood clots if you have family members who have had serious blood clots. This is because the inherited causes of blood clots are linked to your genes. People with a family history of life-threatening blood clots tend to develop thrombosis before age 45, although it is not very common. If you are aware of this pattern in your family, Dr. Okoye advises you to let your doctor know so he can make informed medical decisions any time you visit the hospital with an illness. Knowing this also allows you to make the necessary lifestyle and diet adjustments to avoid the problem.

Make time for fun and spend time with your loved ones

Posted by story time He notes that social isolation can have severe effects on your mental and physical health. Feeling isolated and lonely can lead to depression, anxiety, and lack of movement, which is bad for your health.

The same article goes on to say that “A strong social life can reduce stress levels. Improve mood; encourage positive healthy behaviors and discourage harmful behaviors; promote cardiovascular health. Improve recovery rates from illness and help almost everything in between.” Research has also shown that an ingredient in Socially it can enhance the effects of already healthy behaviors such as exercise.”

Bottom line – meet the people who bring you happiness. Saturday 30th July is International Friendship Day so plan to have dinner or go for a fun picnic with friends to celebrate!

The old saying that your health is your greatest wealth is wise advice. When you feel healthy, you are more confident, productive, and have a greater ability to experience life richly.


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