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New report says US weed growers produce 8 times more than the legal market in Colorado

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New to homeschooling or thinking about it? you are not alone.

cannabis data company New frontier data They released their first report on cannabis cultivation in the United States, and the numbers are interesting to say the least. The report appears to be the first large-scale data dive into the home-growing cannabis landscape in the United States, surveying nearly 6,000 cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers as a sample.

According to the report, cannabis growers are expected to plant 11 million pounds of flowers this year — to put that in perspective, Colorado grows less than 1.4 million pounds annually For its legal commercial market, which means that all home growers in the United States grow 8 times more than Colorado. This is expected to rise to 15 million pounds by 2030.

The report also estimates that cannabis growers make up 6% of the cannabis community, or more than 3 million people. This projection equates to home growers with about 1% of the total US population.

How and how often do farmers produce?

Unsurprisingly, the report found that one of the main barriers to growing at home was legality, and Countries that use cannabis for adults The number of home visitors was greater than in countries that had no legal market or had only a medical market.

Adding to this argument, another statistic showed that of all homeowners surveyed, most (84%) had only grown in the past two years, showing that many people only started growing after legalizing their state recently. These two views suggest that as more states are legalized, more people will start growing from home.

To give an idea of ​​how much and how often people grow, most home growers (73%) harvest 1-3 times a year, and of each of these crops, 63% are less than 2 pounds, and 40% are less than 1 pound.

To put that in perspective, a pound is about 454 grams, so the average gram per day might smoke less than one pound per year, and use the rest for concentrates or eat, or serve. This helps explain how such a small part of the cannabis community (6% according to the report) can grow such a huge amount of weed.

Some encouraging information for those looking to get involved in home growing: Most home growers (65%) spend less than five hours a week growing. Plus, half of them spend less than $500 preparing their home, something We also agree with. Nearly 60% of farmers said they spend less than $200 per harvest on seeds, supplies, utilities, and more, which shows how expensive home farming can be.


How much cannabis can you get from growing one plant?

Behaviors and demographics of home growers

Surprisingly, the report also found that 60% of people only grow indoors, while only 45% grow outdoors. Outdoors are cheaper and often thought to be easier to grow, and require lower costs and facilities, so this information indicates that most home growers either don’t have the space to grow outdoors, want more crops per year, or have more control over the growing process.

The report estimates that homeowners spend $2.7 billion on household equipment today, and this number is expected to rise to $3.7 billion by 2030, indicating huge revenue potential in the growing equipment market.

Another interesting piece of information is that home farmers are basically people who have families. Of those surveyed, more than half (51%) are married, and nearly two-thirds (65%) have children, dispelling the idea of ​​a lone farmer living off the grid in the middle of the woods.

All home growers are in all income groups, too: nearly half (45%) earn less than $50,000 a year, while 25% earn more than $100,000 a year, which means people don’t always farm themselves because it’s cheaper.

According to the report, the top five reasons people develop themselves are:

  • “I enjoy it as a hobby”
  • ‘It’s less expensive’
  • “It is more convenient”
  • “No need to worry about contamination/pesticides”
  • “I can grow better quality cannabis that I can get elsewhere”

Data disclaimer

Although the data from New Frontier is amazing and gives insight into the local growth market, it is important to note that the data is based on a sample of 6,000 farmers, and this sample is sometimes extrapolated to a data set of millions or hundreds of millions of people—as in the case of the number expected Gross home growers in the United States, with a population of about 330 million people.

One of the sticking points we found was quoting 52 million cannabis consumers in the US – the last data we found was from Center for Disease Control in 2019, which cites 48.2 million, which is defined as people who “used it at least once in 2019”; Not the most accurate numbers.

As with all data in the cannabis industry, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact number because the plant is still illegal at the federal level and is not properly tracked. We have to rely on forecasts and estimates, and it can be difficult to truly represent the market.

Regardless, the report from New Frontier reveals amazing insight into the landscape for growing cannabis at home, and is perhaps the largest examination to date, giving consumers and industry owners alike valuable insight into this unfathomable market and its potential growth.

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