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A public swarm claimed to be an Auckland CBD thief in the lead-up to the arrest

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Quick action by the public prompted police to arrest a group of alleged armed robbers in Auckland’s central business district, says a bystander who provided footage of the incident.

The video, provided by an eyewitness, shows three people running towards a waiting car before it drove off.

A bystander, who asked not to be identified, said one of the members of the group of alleged perpetrators appeared to have been left by the getaway car during the chaos.

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Realizing their mistake, he said that the runaway car had returned to the person.

“These guys were so scared at this point, they started to panic, they lost one of their teammates and (group) the audience got really big.”

But the alleged perpetrator was prevented from leaving after he was swept away by nearly 50 of the audience, who formed a semi-circle.

“I got the public compliment, it was so good, they didn’t have it, there was no way to go anywhere.”

The group quickly surrendered, and walked out of the scene without their companion who was arrested by a guard before being handed over to the police, who arrived at the scene shortly after.

He said the crowd’s anger was palpable, as some were heard insulting the alleged perpetrator.

“What were they thinking, that kind of thing, on a Saturday, on a crowded street in broad daylight… I think that got everyone up.

“It was like these bad guys can’t do these things anymore, New Zealand isn’t that kind of place.”

He said the attempted burglary at luxury watch store The Hourglass occurred around 3.35pm.

Police confirmed that she was present in a robbery on Queen Street.

St John said one patient with moderate injuries was taken to Auckland Hospital by ambulance.


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