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Adaptogenic mushrooms: Not quite magic, but it will give your morning coffee a boost

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I come from a family of coffee origins. High quality single source Arabica beans fermented hot with a little cow’s milk – or a glass. In fact, my father set the moment when he fell for my mother to find twenty bags of dark roasted Peet’s coffee in the fridge, and then watched her make a cup of pure steam.

Adaptogenic mushrooms do not contain psilocybin. Instead, they contain a high density of bioactive compounds that may help your body deal with stress and return to balance.

As a fan of balanced medium roasts, I’ve been known to stock the best beans from local coffee shops in my kitchen cupboard, atop a surplus of Far Side mugs.

But a new favorite I recently added to the shelf might just kick me off my high horse. It’s a medium-roast Arabica coffee called Hocus Pocus, from a new Seattle coffee shop and online mushroom coffee and tea provider called Underground.


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Brainwashing in every cup

Dedicated to the modern medicinal mushroom movement, Wunderground Café serves an array of enticing brews in a welcoming and elegant space, punctuated by whimsical wooden decor. Their menu offers a regular selection of espresso and tea drinks, but they’re all packed with 1,000 mg of Wunderground’s own adaptogenic mushroom blend called “Brain Wash.”

During a few visits to the cafe this summer, I tried a selection of drinks—including a Hocus Pocus drip coffee that I decided to take home, oat milk, and an iced matcha latte—to see if these hacked booze would satisfy my coffee taste and offer its benefits” magical”.

image of iced coffee
Wunderground mixes can be purchased online and are legal nationwide. (Photo courtesy of Wundergroundcoffee.com)

Also known as medicinal or functional mushrooms, adaptogenic mushrooms are not Charm mushroom It does not contain psilocybin. Instead, they contain a high density of bioactive compounds or “adaptive transducers” that may help your body deal with stress and return to homeostasis.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are a Fashionable new product in the health industry, but the use of adaptogenic plants, herbs and fungi in medicine goes way back Thousands of years and spanning many cultures.

Grinding functional fungi specifically for everyday java? This goes back to the World War II era in Finland, when coffee rationing forced the Finnish people To use chaga mushroomsnative to the region, as a coffee enhancer and substitute, according to some Online resources.


Do magic mushrooms have “strains” like cannabis?

These days, perhaps inspired by the popularity of CBD beverages, mushroom purveyors turn adapted mushrooms into “beverage enhancers” by drying mushrooms, grinding them into a fine powder, and mixing them into instant coffee, ground coffee, or tea.

This is the premise that gave birth to Wunderground, founded by famous entrepreneur and fungi fanatic Judy Hall.

Hall, founder of Seattle’s beloved Cupcake Royale bakeries and leading cannabis maker The Goodship, had a desire to elevate coffee and tea drinks, and experiment around drinking them, with four particular types of adaptive mushrooms.

Wunderground-Founder-Judy-Hall-In-Photo-Outdoors-With Mushrooms
Judy Hall, founder of Cupcake Royale and The Goodship cannabis edibles, has her third innovation: Wunderground Coffee. (Photo courtesy of Wundergroundcoffee.com)

Four types of mushrooms combined

All the coffee and tea drinks at Wunderground, as well as their own Online ProductsUse Cordyceps, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi in different combinations. According to Wunderground’s websiteThe mushrooms are grown organically on a natural wood substrate to mimic how they are grown in the wild, and are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Cordyceps is a favorite of the Wunderground because of its potential anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and performance-enhancing properties, and for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine practice, Cordyceps stalks have been collected and dried for use in treating a range of health issues. Likewise, limited Recent Studies Some types of Cordyceps have been shown to have the ability to affect the “immune system, liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular system” and act as an “anti-cancer agent.”

Wunderground also uses chaga mushroom, which has the surreal look of soaked wood. Chaga is used to increase energy, calm the stomach, and strengthen immunity. Similarly, Chaga is a natural medicine used in China, Russia and Korea, particularly for one of its adaptogenic ingredients, Inonotus obliquusWhich you may own Antitumor, antioxidant, antiviral, hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities, according to limited scientific research in humans.


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Wunderground’s third ingredient is Lion’s Mane, a shaggy, tan mushroom that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a memory, focus, sleep, and happiness enhancer. Certainly some research supports Lion’s Mane’s positive neurocognitive effects, including its ability to relieve depression.

Finally, these drinks include reishi mushroom, an essential ingredient known as Lingzi In Chinese medicine, which, according to Wunderground, contains “beta-glucan, a natural soluble fiber that slows digestion,” helps regulate blood sugar, calm nerves, and promote sleep. Looking at the scientific literature, studies have have found The biologically active ingredients in reishi mushroom have the ability to Strengthening the immune system And help with laundry list including Loss of appetite and cancer.

What would you like to drink?

My ordering iced oat milk latte and iced matcha green tea drinks each included 1,000 mg of the brand’s brand-name brainwash, a potent blend of the four fungi mentioned above. Description Wunderground Promise A Practically undetectable The taste of the fungus, along with the benefit of making the consumer feel energized without “breakdown or stress” .

I found the oat milk latte to have a slightly earthy taste and some slight graininess from the added mushroom powder, but overall, it was a very good espresso. The matcha latte I ordered on a later visit was even better because the really grainy texture and earthy taste of the matcha green tea worked well to mask any added abnormalities.

Wunderground’s Hocus Pocus Blend: Absolutely delicious and legal like regular coffee, but with a subtle twist. (Photo courtesy of Wundergroundcoffee.com)

Hey, don’t stress!

After drinking the mushroom latte, I was surprised by the lower acidity of the coffee and the less jitters. With mushroom matcha, it was pretty much the same – the tea went down easy and the drink didn’t immediately cause unwanted fatigue, jitters or an upset stomach. They both gave me energy as well, but it’s hard to tell if this was just talk of caffeine, or if the mushrooms really “boosted” my performance.

On my next visit, I went to the Hocus Pocus drip shop in the cafe. According to Wuderground’s description, Hocus Pocus coffee should be drip Boost immunityEliminate anxiety, calm the gut with Reishi’s 15:1 concentration and 8:1 Chaga concentration per 12 oz.

Hocus Pocus was drinkable, in fact, I did not treat the power of functional fungi with respect.

This drip coffee was the real test for me because the drip is stronger and can sometimes give me an upset stomach, and if the roasting is too acidic, it can cause heartburn. But Hocus Pocus has proven to be a well-roasted, medium-strength coffee. I didn’t really taste the mushrooms and in the hot form I didn’t notice any powdery residue. Most importantly, I felt calm and my stomach settled after drinking it.

Hocus Pocus was potable, in fact, I did not treat the power of functional fungi with respect, and during the visit I ordered Iced Matcha Mushroom for Green Tea, I also drank another half cup of Hocus Pocus without a second thought. While driving home, I felt unexpectedly tired.

Search Show that mushrooms such as lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi in general are adaptive well tolerated for the body and safe for human consumption. But very little research has been done on human intake of medicinal mushrooms, so there is no recommended standard dose. Some people have reported negative side effects, such as stomach upset, fatigue, and dizziness, from eating mushrooms in high doses.

What constitutes a high dose? This depends on your body chemistry and the mushroom type you consume. At 1,000mg each, Wunderground Drinks uses a moderate amount of Adapt Mushrooms per drink, but I think two drinks of Adapt Mushrooms in one sitting was too much for my system.

It’s not a magic cure, but it’s so delicious

Overall, it’s hard to tell if Wunderground’s mushroom drinks really deliver the exact health benefits they promise, which include a boosted immune system, improved cognition, and better sleep. These weren’t necessarily effects I noticed.

However, aside from the slight fatigue I experienced the day I had two mushroom drinks, my experience with Wunderground Drinks was positive. The drinks were delicious and I felt rejuvenated, energized and happy after all three, without the anxiety and upset stomachs I often get from traditional coffee.

So consider me a new mushroom coffee. What if I can have coffee with mushrooms, no matter how tasty and useful, after the uncompromising tastes of coffee of my parents? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Alexa Peters

Alexa Peters is a freelance writer covering music, writing, travel, feminism, and self-help. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Bast, The Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

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