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How will Pierre Boiliver ban cannabis

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Future Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Boliever could ban him cannabis Without any parliamentary debate?

When governments around the world overreacted to the coronavirus, Canadians smoked record amounts of weed. Naturally, when they were placed under house arrest and publicized about the apocalypse, people felt the need to de-stress.

But so what? Hemp is a harmless plant. It is non-lethal and non-toxic. He won’t poison you or leave you “Passionate.”

However, busy public health bodies do not believe this.

These are the same fascists who advocated (or continued to demand) vaccine shutdowns and mandates. These people believe that their “expert opinion” goes beyond our legal system and the rule of law.

They think “cannabis use disorder” strikes people like a disease. Its medical value is exaggerated, and its damages are underestimated.

So all Poilievre has to do is say he’s “listening to the experts,” and voila!

Cannabis is forbidden and without parliamentary debate. This is how Pierre Boulevard will ban cannabis.

Will Pierre Boiliver ban cannabis?

When British Columbia non-offensive opioids, Cocainemethamphetamine and MDMA Last June, Pierre Boiliver tweeted negatively.

“Decriminalizing lethal drug use is the opposite of clemency. Those who struggle with addiction need treatment and recovery. Drug dealers need strong policing and harsh punishments.”

Of course, Poilievre is right for all the wrong reasons.

If we accept public health decisions when there is a pandemic influenza, why not trust their drug expertise?

Rather than decriminalizing drugs, BC police They can arrest users and put them in psychiatric wards against their will. Take their phones and separate them from the outside world. That’s what addiction treatment and recovery is all about after all.

And then, I think we can all agree that your local fentanyl A dealer deserves the death penalty.

As for hemp? Conservatives are unlikely to abolish cannabis law Any more than they abolished gay marriage laws.

But, as I said, Poilievre does not need parliamentary approval.

Power is concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). And at the expense of the House of Commons and the Cabinet.

This trend did not start under Justin Trudeau. However, he certainly accelerated it just as Stephen Harper had accelerated the trend from the Liberal government that preceded him.

There is no reason to believe that Poilievre would relinquish this kind of power.

Seriously, will Pierre Boliever ban cannabis?

No, maybe not.

But what if Poilievre wanted to remove cannabis from Canada like Justin Trudeau disarming the public?

In this case, Poilievre does not need the consent of anyone except his own. Trudeau makes firearms illegal through a order in the council.

In theory, the entire cabinet drafts an order in council. Then the Governor-General agrees. In most cases, orders in the council are notices of federal designations or regulations.

It is not intended to replace the legislative process. But that’s what Justin Trudeau does. He’s using an in-house order the way the presidents of the United States do Executive order.

Even if you support the strict state control of Justin’s guns, you should disagree with the way he does it.

Because if he can introduce new sweeping laws through an order in Council, there is nothing to stop a Conservative government from using the same process to reinstate a cannabis ban.

Pierre Boiliver Pan hemp? Here’s what he’ll do instead


Canada legislation The review is long overdue. I don’t expect the Poilievre government to push for reform unless it turns out that legalization is costing taxpayers billions more in regulatory oversight than alcohol or tobacco.

In this case, Poilievre may want to search Ontario Conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford’s advice. When asked once about the spread cannabis stores“It doesn’t matter if it’s cannabis or any other kind of store,” he said, “the market will take care of it.”

This is the correct answer.

What should Poilievre . do?

Poilievre talks about removing the gatekeepers so Canadians can build and live in more homes.

Instead of the assumption that Pierre Boiliver bans cannabis, how about one where it improves the industry by taxation and regulation?

Cannabis biomass It is Ottawa’s responsibility. Poilievre can cancel a file cannabis law And replace it with legislation that treats cannabis as an agricultural commodity.

Use chopsticks In construction is not a marginal idea. While hemp has drawbacks (such as not being suitable as a carrier material), it is an excellent insulator and absorbs carbon. Hempcrete handles moisture well, reduces the potential for mold formation and enhances indoor air quality.

Hemp can also make bioethanol, a gasoline alternative from fermented stems. Hemp biodiesel, which runs for diesel engines, is produced using plant oil. Less toxic than table salt, hemp can run on an unmodified diesel engine and burn enough to pass federal regulations.

Will Poilievre do these things? Unlikely, but given that he is already considered an extreme by the corporate press, what does he have to lose?

One of his favorite prime ministers is Wilfrid Laurier, says Poliver. Laurier once said, “Canada is free, and freedom is its nationality.”

Suppose Poilievre wants a place in the history books next to Laurier. In this case, he could transform the Canadian economy from hemp-based oil.

He was a pioneer – the founding father of the new green economy. Not the fake green propaganda we hear from the World Economic Forum and other global organizations.


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