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Get more out of every stroke with the STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer

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STORZ & BICKEL Dry Herb Vaporizers help your flower move forward.

Since then, dry herb vaporizers have been a mainstay of the cannabis scene Storz and Pickle It released its first modern-day dry herb vape, the iconic VOLCANO, in 2000. These finely tuned machines offer precise controls, making them a favorite among coaches looking to experience all that the plant has to offer. STORZ & BICKEL hasn’t stopped innovating since its initial breakout either; Showing now A line of state-of-the-art dry herb vaporizers that fills all status and need.

From the mobile CRAFTY+ and MIGHTY+ Uber to the venerable VOLCANO, the principal engineers at STORZ & BICKEL continue to produce precision-engineered and manufactured devices. Dry herb vaporizers from these German artisans not only offer increased temperature control and health benefits when compared to smoking, but they are also more efficient than any joint or bong. Simply put, your weed goes above and beyond in a STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer than just any other place.


STORZ & BICKEL raise the bar again with MIGHTY +

Let’s dive into some of the key technologies driving the legendary reputation of STORZ & BICKEL Dry Herb Vaporizers.

Don’t let your lawn go up in smoke

dry herb vaporizer
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

STORZ & BICKEL vaporizers use a patented heating technology that puts them at the forefront of innovation. The secret to most of their products is a combination of conduction and convection heating. This cannabis extraction method heats the air around the weed as well as the flower itself, producing big, delicious clouds. This method is also more effective than simple combustion, which does not heat the lawn evenly regardless of whether you are smoking from a joint, bong or pipe. The Mighty +And the craft +And the Hybrid volcano They all benefit from this complex engineering process that produces steam even on the first draft.

Have you ever smoked a bowl so well that you wish you could smoke it again?

Have you ever smoked a bowl so well that you wish you could smoke it again? STORZ & BICKEL offers what your old bong can’t; A heating method that can reuse ground herbs for multiple sessions. By slowly increasing the temperature when the grass is heated, different types of cannabis can be extracted over time. This means that your flower will last across multiple sessions, and you will experience all that the plant has to offer.


How cannabis vaporizers continue to evolve

STORZ & BICKEL Dry Herb Vaporizer Not only will it save you money with its increased efficiency, but it will help you experiment with different temperatures to fully experience the cannabis. The efficiency of the patented heating method produces complete puffs of delicious steam that are more fully fatigued than combustion. STORZ & BICKEL provides a more complete cannabis experience than can be found by burning your own cannabis, and will save you some money through increased efficiency as well. Can’t you love him?

highest health

dry herb vaporizer
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

While the negative health effects of smoking cannabis have been greatly exaggerated for a number of years, the unfortunate truth is that inhaling smoke of any kind is not and never will be, Good to your lungs. When you light your flowers, you are inhaling the toxic byproducts produced by the burning weeds and the fuel from the lighter. It can be harsh on the lungs and throat and can have some harmful effects over a long period of time. This is not a scare talk refrigerated madness; There are some real risks involved in smoking. But fortunately, Storrs and Pickle have your back.


Is smoking marijuana harmful to you?

A study on classic volcano The heating technology used by the leading STORZ & BICKEL product has been found to have health benefits compared to smoking. this study, which was conducted at Leiden University, studied the number of harmful compounds that are inhaled when consuming cannabis. The test subjects consumed a significantly reduced harmful amount when using dry herb vaporizers instead of burning the flower. Not only that, but the Volcano eruption also significantly reduced the amount of carbon monoxide that the test subjects inhaled. And don’t worry about not getting a hard hit; The same study showed that a dry herb vaporizer can extract up to 54% of THC from ground flower, a proportion that easily rivals the amount gained from combustion.

The test subjects consumed a significantly reduced harmful amount when using dry herb vaporizers instead of burning the flower.

The secret to the success of the STORZ & BICKEL product line is engineering at work. The electronic controls of the dry herb vaporizer keep the extraction temperature below the heat of combustion, which means that the original structure of the plant matter remains intact and exits your body. In addition to saving money by using much less weed, this is the trick to ensuring that fumigation is better for you than smoking. STORZ & BICKEL’s innovative design keeps your lungs and accounts in balance by ensuring weeds don’t end up in ash.

Artful design and precision engineering

The stringent quality control of the STORZ & BICKEL product line is legendary in the cannabis industry. The artisan craftsmanship displayed in each dry herb vaporizer made by these German engineers demonstrates their distinctive commitment to quality. All vaporizers available for purchase are medically approved, produced by the STORZ & BICKEL factory in Tuttlingen, Germany, and undergo a range of tests that ensure the vaporizers meet their stringent standards.

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

You can feel the hands of the master designer in every circumference of the STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer, designed to be durable, reliable and beautiful. All STORZ & BICKEL products offer increased efficiency, scientifically proven health benefits and high-quality engineering, starting with the venerable CRAFTY + Portable, MIGHTY + Portable, or the venerable VOLCANO. All in a cute, conversational-stimulating package that helps you get the most out of your flowers. STORZ & BICKEL is here to help you remove weeds even further.

Ready to experience what a dry herbal vape from STORZ & BICKEL could mean for your next session? Head to their website To find the perfect device for your lifestyle and learn more details about their products and design process.

Follow STORZ & BICKEL and never miss a new innovation. You can find it at TwitterAnd the FacebookAnd the Instagram.

dry herb vaporizer
Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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