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Here’s Ya’ Experiment: Swiss pharmacies will price medical marijuana at black market prices

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Starting September 15th The city of Basel will start the first Swiss project on the legal sale of cannabis in pharmacies. The project will help assess the effects of the new regulations on recreational cannabis use and combating black market distribution.

The Federal Office of Public Health Agree on Pilot in April. As part of the project, the University of Basel, Psychiatric clinics and the Department of Health will participate. “Six of the cannabis products – four types of cannabis flowers and two types of cannabis – will be sold in nine pharmacies selected by the authorities,” she said. Lucas Engelberger, Minister of Health.

Cannabis users over the age of 18 It is now possible to register to participate, with the number of subscribers limited to 370 participants. in addition to , Pharmacies charge prices About that group on Black market For products with THC content. So a gram would cost CHF8 to CHF12 ($8.40 – $12.60).

Swiss Parliament The legal basis for such small-scale initiatives was laid in September 2020. Subsequently, other local authorities, including Zurich, Geneva and Bernapplied for subtraction Similar trials.

Legal prohibition of cannabis use for adults

In 2008, nearly two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected the . initiative Decriminalization of cannabis consumption. Despite the legal ban, the health office there estimates 220,000 regular consumers of cannabis in Switzerland.

but, Since August 1And the Medical cannabis is legal in Switzerland. With the amendment of the Swiss drug law, which changed the legal status of cannabis, patients can now obtain medical marijuana with a simple prescription from their doctor. Before the legalization of medical cannabis, patients had to apply to the Federal Office of Public Health.

As reported by Forbes magazineNew legislation allows the export of medical cannabis for commercial purposes. Companies must apply for permission from Swiss MedicSwiss regulatory authority for medicines and medical devices.

According to EU standards Available medical cannabis It contains high levels of CBD and less than 1% of THC.


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